Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hello February - Roll on Spring

It's hard to believe it is a month since we were in France and over a month since Christmas. We continue to have unseasonably mild weather here in Southern Ontario, with the temperatures hovering around freezing rather than plunging below so no complaining there.

Hubby just started his new job in Montreal and is currently apartment hunting, preferably downtown so that the rest of the family can enjoy weekends in the thick of things close to great bars, restaurants and great shopping. I love that city - although it isn't very temping at the moment as the temperatures are a little more "normal" for the time of year at around -10 C.

The family is taking advantage of our last year here in Canada and are booking their holidays, Dad to be here over Easter and Mother here for a week in May. And friends muttering about booking flights!

We have given the go ahead for work to commence in France and still planning to be there sometime in March, hopefully to coincide with the staircase installation (sorry if I am repeating myself but pretty excited about that particular milestone!).

Not much else of note happening. Just working my two jobs which does not leave room for much else. Almost time to start thinking about taxes etc.

What a boring post, sorry will try better next time. :)


aims said...

Just doing a quick catch up on what is happening in your world and in France. The beams look fantastic! But what a mess!!

Glad you are so happy with everything at the moment. Good luck with your course.

softinthehead said...

Thanks aims