Monday, December 31, 2007

Don't know why but......

Somebody recently mentioned her lust for David Cassidy back in the day and it brought back fond memories. Remember girls when you were either David or Donny, never both, although I had a bit of a thing for Marc as well. Well that got me thinking of all the fella's that have sent my heart aflutter from afar over the years.

First there was David of course, then

George Michael (I know I know but that voice and those looks - sigh!)

John Cusack - kind of quirky

Ewan McGregor (but only in his trainspotting guise - weird eh!)

Clark Gable as Rhett Butler

Robert Downey Jr for some reason

Richard Gere but only after I saw him interviewed and realised he was much more than just a very pretty face.

Clive Owen wouldn't get the door slammed in his face.

And of course, last but definitely not least, in the weakintheknees department, lovely George Clooney, in any guise, on any day!!

Maybe all this nonsense gives a little insight into GWE (you know - hubby) I obviously vere in the direction of dark, not necessarily tall, must be able to sing, slightly sardonic, a bit masterful, and a great sense of fun.

Well I hope that has given you all some pleasant thoughts of your own......

Saturday, December 29, 2007


I just made the mistake of reading the information page before clicking on "New Post", something of course I have never bothered to do before and I have to admit I had no idea what it said, it made absolutely no sense whatsoever. I know how to post a blog, i.e. bash the little keys up and down and I can even load pictures but all that other stuff, lists of fellow bloggers, adding on funny asides etc. is beyond me and that is why I decided to investigate further by reading THAT page but am none the wiser!
Anyway, I have made it safely to the other side of the big "C", obviously few pounds heavier, many dollars lighter and have to say it doesn't quite have the magic? joy? not sure what but something is missing. A definite sense of anticlimax after those weeks of stressing about presents, food etc. I received a card from my brother telling me I had bought two vaccinations for some children in Sierra Leone and honestly felt that was the best money spent on me this year. It is nice to get new slippers, a lovely nightie, gift cards to spend but I don't need those things. The light has dawned - it was lovely to get together our small family network this side of the Atlantic and have a lovely meal and a few drinks but next year instead of our Christmas lists, I think I will encourage my nearest and dearest to consider who we should really be spending our Christmas dollars on.
What a confusing post, a bit all over the place today but what the heck.........wishing all my new cyber friends a peaceful and happy 2008.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Crippling (!) or Back Breaking Snow Storm

Well this is the reason for a two (so far) blog day. Southern Ontario is in the grip of a "crippling" snowstorm and I am in no hurry to don the wellies and head outside to dig us out. You saw my picture the other day of my back garden, very pretty - just a snowy day. This is my street! There is a road out there somewhere. The best part of these days is when you have spent two back breaking hours clearing the driveway and the path up to the house and in both directions to meet up with your neighbours efforts. You are back indoors with your feet up, a hot cuppa helping to bring your hands back to life, when you hear the snow plough go past. What this means for all you snow virgins is a two foot pile of slushy wet heavy sh***ty snow right back across the width of the driveway and if you don't shift it soon, it turns into a rock solid speed-bump - guaranteed to impede any exit from the driveway!!!
Meanwhile GWE is in France, having driven what turned out to be 12 hours from Germany through Switzerland to get there (which apparently he is in no hurry to repeat - can I just say "I told you so") next time a civilized flight to Paris and a 4 hour drive down!! Anyway when I called him, he said it is only -1 over there and a gorgeous day, and he is happily sunning himself while he tries to pry the remaining ivy from the walls of our little piece of France. Later on his host at B & B is taking out on a pony and trap ride around the neighbouring countryside. There is something dreadfully wrong with this situation. WTF Santa, and I have been good this year!

"Merry" Christmas

Well it's official. I found Queeny's site. Very very funny. And as it is the time of year, I took the booze quiz and, believe it or not, I am a Lush with 82%. If you need to know, here's where you need to go. I am hoping this will blog will look OK, what with being a lush and everything...... I am doing my best.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Finally Lost It!

Well I am really loving reading everyone else's blogs. Not savvy enough to be able to list all my favourites on my blog, but some of my favourites are BreezyBreak, Us in France, Menapausaloldbag (who is MIA, busy writing her novel!! - come back MOB), Mean Mom, Swearing Mum, A Night on the Tiles - I could go on and on and that is just the trouble! I am so busy checking in on everyone I got lost. Sad as it sounds and I mean sad, not sad - I went back trying to check out "Queeny" but I couldn't find where I had seen her, on who's blog - so any assistance greatly appreciated. Keep it coming everyone.... trouble is my "real" life gets in the way sometimes and I occasionally have to log off!! The picture sort of sums up how my brain feels when blogging....

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Only 12 More Sleeps.....

As you can see, it looks like we might have a white Christmas here in southern Ontario. I have heard it said, but don't want to believe it, that we headed for the coldest, snowiest (?) winter in 15 years! I tell you it can get pretty cold and snowy here most winters so that is not a happy prospect. AND the snow is beginning to make me feel a tiny bit of Christmas panic, because as you can imagine the white stuff doesn't make searching for a parking spot, or rushing from mall to mall in search of those elusive gifts any easier. OMG I really am turning into an old scrooge as the years go by..........happy and safe holidays everyone!

On the other side of the Atlantic GWE is off to France for a few days to meet the roofer for the "project" or should I say "projet". He gets all the fun stuff, although it does involve an eight hour car journey from Germany through Switzerland to France, some more back breaking "landscaping" and then all the way back next week so he can fly back home for Christmas. On second thoughts, what pretty snowflakes......