Thursday, September 23, 2010

Two Weeks and Counting!

In a very strange place emotionally at the moment. Basically got too much time on my hands, but too much stuff spinning around in my head. On the one hand I wish I was in France and could get on with my new life, but on the other hand not wanting to say goodbye to friends and of course, family!

I have been babysitting Annika as much as possible and I am having her overnight on Friday, maybe for the last time for quite a while. I keep looking at the Pack'n'Play (portable cot) and thinking should I fold it up and hand it back, and I guess after the weekend I will. Another milestone. Just writing about it makes me tearful.
Annika and her pal, Ralph ....""aaaww walph"
I have done pretty much as much packing as it is possible to do until the last minute, I mean - I still have to function. However in an effort to save money - and because I am not exactly rushed off my feet at the moment, I am - with a little help - loading up a truck with our bits and pieces, and a few items of furniture I cannot part with, and all my garden "stuff" and driving it to the shipping warehouse somewhere in Toronto a week tomorrow and then I will drive the truck all the way back, probably a 3 - 4 hour round trip allowing for unpacking. On the following Monday I will drive our car, with daughter following, all the way to the warehouse and my daughter will drive me back. I will then have to function with the absolute minimum - one couch, one airbed, one TV, and few dishes etc. until the Thursday when I fly. Fun eh?

Between now and then I have various "last" lunches, coffees and dinners with various friends. Also doing quite a bit of knitting and reading. Have been totally addicted to the Stieg Larsson books and am currently on the last of the trilogy. Also found another good author who I have enjoyed, Kate Atkinson, just in case anyone wants a recommendation.

On my last weekend it is my youngest's 18th birthday - one of the reasons why I haven't gone sooner. So all in all a very emotional couple of weeks on the horizon. I just keep telling myself I''ll be back at Christmas.......

PS: Youngest son seems to be settling in well at college and making friends. That is a big weight off my mind.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Running Around in Circles

Yes, this is where we will live!
I know I promised photos and I have been very slow to oblige but I feel like I am running around like an idiot. When in actual fact it is just my brain cells that are on overload. So here are a few more photos of our wonderful holiday, it is very hard to believe this is now to be our life!
Some interesting rooflines on the Chateau at Le Blanc
As you can imagine there are a 101 things to organise, sell, pack, many lists have been made. Hubby is off to France this weekend to start work in Toulouse next Monday. Our youngest son has moved into residence and college and seems to be settling in well and his room-mate is a pleasant young man from Indonesia studying International Business. It is very strange to think that our youngest might never live at "home" again. Very tough :(
Eldest son meets the newest member of the family!
So down to the actual logistics of getting us, that is, me, the dog, car and all our stuff over the Atlantic. The dog has been stressing me out, he is a large labrador, so needs the largest pet carrier, and the thought of getting to, being at, and getting from the airport with him, carrier and luggage is daunting.
Holiday fun in rural France
Youngest son will assist me this end, and eldest son has kindly agreed to fly to Paris from London to meet me and help me get from the airport down to the house (4+ hours south of Paris) while jet lagged. The added bonus of course being this means we will be seeing him again very soon.