Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring in Suburbia?

Since my last post and all that snow, "spring" has seemingly arrived. I live in Quebec in Canada now and this is unheard of at this time of year so we are all assuming this is just a blip and trying hard not to get too excited. Although it was 26 degrees C yesterday and today.

So the gardener in me couldn't miss the opportunity to get out there and tidy up. Above are pictures of my current garden here in suburbia - a bit of a blank canvas but backing onto the woods. I think a container garden is required, one that can move with me to the next location - wherever that may be - we are not planning on removing ourselves too far but this is just a rental at the moment.

Tomorrow however we off for a week in France and I cannot wait to be sitting in this garden instead. I am hoping the weather will cooperate and then try not to be too sad when I have to return to Canada, to the work/shopping involved in the new garden project.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

We've had a little snow!

Well here in Quebec nearly a foot (!) is hardly worth mentioning. Last Friday it started snowing around 3pm and by 6pm we decided it was probably best not to drive so decided to walk to the closest restaurant for dinner - from the looks we got when we arrived, we must have looked like snowmen. It was very heavy driving snow and we were pretty much bent double trying to keep it out of our faces. We also had the added joy of trying to avoid all the snow ploughs out clearing the parking lots and sidewalks. We were only doing this as our youngest son was staying with us and he wanted to watch the Hockey game.

By morning it had been snowing for over 12 hours and there was a lot of snow! This picture is actually a couple of days later at our next house when we had had a chance to clean off the car.The following picture is of the deck at our new house where no-one has been living for a few months, so there is about 18 inches of snow, not the entirety of the snowfall this winter, as we have had a couple of thaws in between.
Roll on spring - we have confirmed our flights to France for a week at the end of March, and keep receiving updates on the weather there, it sounds wonderful and we cannot wait.