Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wash My Mouth Out!!

Did I really say "now for the fun"!!  Who knew there was so many different shades of cream/beige/taupe.  I have been on a further mission in search of the ideal shoe to compliment the outfit.  Let me just use a little understatement when I say it has not been a happy or easy task.  In the end I came home with three.....yes I said three pairs of shoes today and scarily I have ordered another two pairs online in the desperate hope that one of these pairs will be the ONE.  Then of course comes the next step of finding the bag to match the shoes.  At this point, I am thinking some little jeweled trifle not necessarily "matching".  
As far as the bling is concerned, I was thinking pearls - something chunky - and bought a multi-stringed choker but it just wasn't me - and a little too 90's/Knot's Landing.  (I know what I am talking about!!)  Hence the option selected in the photo.
On our mission to the States on Monday to find the bride some shoes, we were, I am pleased to report, successful.  However she opted for a brown satin pair that will get future wear.  We decided that a little bit dressy, a bit of height (she is quite a bit shorter than the groom) and of course comfort where far more important than having a pair of sparkly/frumpy shoes....just because.
Whilst in the shoe shop, I came across another woman of a certain age (i.e. mine) frantically trying on gold strappy sandals.  "Wedding?" I asked.  "Yes my daughter's ....on SATURDAY!!" and she marched off with several pairs under her arm - apparently there are several different shades of gold as well.  I must say I felt a bit better after the encounter..even if just because I wasn't doing this task with days to spare!

Just so you know, I am thinking the cream pumps (centre) are in top spot at the moment.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mission Accomplished!

Thank you Macy's.... so much more choice.  I must have picked up 10 dresses to try on, here I haven't managed to find 3 I wanted to try on!  I love the way it looks, my trusty companion tells me it takes pounds off and makes me look tall and the magic dress then!!  It looks crisp and classic in a brown with cream polka dot.  I tried to take a self portrait but having looked at the results I am leaving it up to your imagination and you will have to wait for the official shots on the big day....just like everyone else.  Now I just have to find the cream shoes, bag, and bling!!  The fun stuff.  Thanks for all your words of support but I have decided that some changes are required....and I have committed to a minimum of 40 sit-ups and 20 push-ups per day from now until the big day ....and probably not one day more knowing my track record.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mission Impossible?

My mission, if I choose to accept it, is to find "the outfit" fit for the mother of the bride..... So tomorrow I am heading south to the US for the day in search of the elusive outfit. Trouble is I have made the big mistake of having something in mind and of course when that happens, the damn thing doesn't exist. I am thinking muted colours,,,,but this year the trend is toward high contrast prints. It has to have sleeves to hide my flabby arms....everything I have seen as been sleeveless, It as to be comfortable and yet extremely stylish, figure flattering and immune to creases. As you can see the mission is a little complicated. I have been checking out various websites to get some ideas.....even M & S athough they won't ship to Canada! I am getting desperate. My strategy is try on anything, be open minded, spend whatever it takes......wish me luck. I hope I am only going to be mother of the bride once ..... so no pressure!!

Surpringly this is not what I have in mind!! Are we meant to believe that these models are old enough to be a mother of the bride? Or is this just delusion on my part!! Scarily I am the same age as Madonna and we are not in the same ballpark either.

Fingers crossed...

Friday, July 11, 2008

We have progress!

I am glad to report that progress has finally been made on our French project.  The permis came through almost exactly two months to the date, which seemed kind of academic as we had been told we may commence if we hadn't heard anything after two months.  I know - I don't get it either.  Still it was nice to have the official approval.  
The builders have been at work for a couple of weeks during which time I believe they have experienced both incredibly hot weather and rain.  It was raining today when our friend H went over to take some photos and therefore no work was taking place but it has been!  It is great to finally see the place transforming.  So it appears the the "house" end is almost ready for tiling.  

Next week they are to take the roof off the "barn" end. They are completely removing the roof and lowering a huge beam by 18 inches so that the floor on the second level of the "barn" end can be level straight through making the space a lot more usable.

Meanwhile the great growing combination of heat and rain has meant that the builders are having to deal with gigantic weeds - all our good work back last November and again in April gone to pot.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Thanks Ever So!!

Mob at (sorry forgotten how to do links) has given me an award, it was a take what you want kind of awards ceremony and I am not sure I qualify as a "funny lady" - OK possibly "funny" as in odd, maybe not funny ha ha. But I loved, I wanted it, so I took and ran. Thanks again, mob, much appreciated.

Monday, July 7, 2008

I'm waving not drowning!

Where does the time go? As usual I am having hectic time, mostly because I am taking care of someone else's business while she is up north sitting by a lake. It is good though because my business has gone a little quiet so I am hoping to keep busy doing the basics and wait for the next opportunity to pop along. The wedding plans are swinging along nicely at the moment, I am out with daughter this evening to buy some bits and bobs for the flower girl, i.e. dress material and the like. 

We have had long conversations about favours - what is this concept, I don't think it is something that exists in the UK yet but seems to be par for the course on this side of the Atlantic. A little bit of stuff and nonsense for the guests to take home. Just more expense for something that probably nobody really wants. Anyway they have made little pots of jam - which I approve of in the sense that if it is a must, let's make it individual. 

Also the sense that when you are attending a wedding you need to buy a gift commensurate with the cost of the dinner you will be eating is alien to me.  I feel if we decide to spend a fortune on the wedding, our guests should not feel obliged to help with the cost - that is our decision and we just want them to be there to participate in the occasion, nothing further. I am trying the "when in Rome" concept but you know me, hard to keep mum on such subjects! I hate the thought that people, on receiving the invitation might be thinking, oh no, more expense!!

Apart from that my brother is coping well so far with the chemo, except from a very enlarged stomach due to bloating he says he feels a complete fraud and feels very well.  And long may it continue - so I am very happy to report that he is planning to come over for the wedding and other people are booking as well, it is beginning to take shape and I have suddenly started looking at my house and making a list of all those little jobs that get left by the wayside, until you have an influx of visitors!

All things considered, it appears I will be "busy" this summer even if it isn't selling houses.