Friday, September 28, 2012


If anyone out there is interested, let me bring you up to date.  Can't believe how from being totalled enamoured of my blog, I just couldn't find the time to post.  But back again - must have time on  my hands!

Well I did get that job and it lasted a couple of months, I think it could have gone longer if I had wanted it to and we didn't decide to leave Quebec, but that is what happened.  I love the city of Montreal, it has a lot going on, festivals, music, fashion etc. but they don't make it easy for one to settle in.  And the French language issue is huge.  As you know I lived in France for over a year and admittedly I wasn't looking to work but in Quebec you are definitely prejudiced against by 1.  not being Francophone and 2. not being fluent in French.  As it turned out the job I got didn't require French at all!!

Anyway we have now relocated back to where we started, back in the same city as our daughter and grandchildren in South West Ontario, just half an hour from youngest son who is at college in Toronto.

We have rented a cute little house in the downtown area of the city close to the lake in a lovely leafy neighbourhood.  I have spent the last month furnishing the place from consignment shops, charity shops and second hand sites on the Internet and am totally hooked on "thrifting". I am very happy with the end result, it is very cosy.  I don't think I will ever pay full price for anything again.

So now I am back in the job hunt, looking for temporary office work, so that I can take the essential  trips back to France several times a year.  We were back there for a couple of weeks in late July and are off again at the end of next month. 

So far so good.