Monday, August 30, 2010

Big Announcement

It's all a bit overwhelming. As you are probably aware the plan has always been to eventually move to France and to this end hubby has been keeping his eyes open for a job in France. Well it has happened, out of the blue - a job in Toulouse! Yes, the plan is now becoming a reality - and to be honest - it is a little scary - not to say, emotional. We now have to follow through.
As always with us, we never say "this is it, this is permanent", I think you have known me long enough to understand why :) But even so, there is a sense of "what if it doesn't work out", "say he hates the job", "will we like actually living there". We have moved around a lot, lived in many places but never have I had this kind of uncertainty. I think it is because there is every possibility this might be the last move, but I cannot think that way, it just isn't in me, that would seem like a life sentence, far too much commitment there.
So as ever we approach the next step in our lives with a "suck it and see" approach. If this doesn't work out, revert to plan B, whereby we just move as the job demands, using France as our base.
Of course there is also the very emotional aspect, leaving behind my daughter and granddaughter, and of course, youngest son, who is moving into residence at college tomorrow here in Toronto. Lots of upheaval, lots of emotions. Hubby leaves in a couple of weeks and I hope to follow early in October, taking the dog with me.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Back to Life ....Back to Reality

After five whirlwind weeks in mostly sunny France, I am back to earth with a bang. Where did those weeks go? We didn't manage to get the satellite broadband working until Wednesday of this past and final week so sorry for the lack of updates. Suffice to say I wouldn't have managed to find the time anyway, the first couple of weeks where manic getting ready for the visitors, baby-proofing house and garden, labouring for our landscapers in order to get the pergola finished in time and enjoying the best two weeks of our time there, weatherwise that is! The next two weeks were a frantic round of making meals, chasing the granddaughter and doing the tourist sights with all our visitors. Hubby returned to work last Monday and eldest son left Wednesday evening which left me just one day to close up the house until our next trip. So now home for a little rest.

A lovely time was had by all, we were thrilled with all the changes that had taken place since April, at first disappointed that the landscaping hadn't even started when I arrived, but later enjoying the opportunity to have input in the process. So for some photos.......

A waist high meadow greeted me on my arrival. Later transformed to something a little less like a jungle.

A room under construction when I arrived was whipped into a bedroom fit for guests just in time for their arrival.