Friday, September 25, 2009


I thought fall had arrived a few days ago and rashly de-nuded my toenails of their summer polish. Well it has been months since my last pedicure (before I went to France - I know!) with many repair jobs since. It really was time to let my poor nails see the light of day. But summer has sneaked back in and the nails are back on show, without, sin of sins, their lovely polish. So this morning I really needed to rectify this. As I type I am up to my ankles in suds, I have my exfoliating gloves and all my foot spa related lotions to hand and am about to make those toes respectable again. When you are as blind as I am becoming this is more of a chore than you might think. Someone gave me a great idea the other day, when, as us ladies do, we were discussing such matters. She sits on some steps to do her toes, not being as flexible as in days gone past, this has been my problem. Not being able to get the toes within focus range!! So I will let you know how it goes.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Babysitting - Not for the Faint Hearted

The day of my first big gig came and, I am pleased to report, went off smoothly. Which is doubly remarkable considering previous reports that my charge could be "brutal" in the evenings and it was carried out in the middle of a construction zone.

Work to whip daughter and husband's house into market ready condition has commenced, so this gave me an added challenge. However, both the priming of all cupboard doors and carcasses went off smoothly as did mine and Annika's evening and a lovely time was had by all.

She was a little fussy but daughter had pumped off several ounces so I could offer her the bottle if I needed to and she took that with no problem, in fact I had to ration her as I did not want to use up all my aces in one sitting (mixed analogies - sorry :) But it was most enjoyable and granddaughter and I spent the last hour of the evening just cooing and smiling at one another. I think the new parents were duly impressed and I will get a call back!!

I am back there again today with son in tow. Lots to do, finish off painting all the cupboard doors and painting the walls. I think it is going to look terrific, my husband said not to make it too nice or they won't want to leave (and buy ours!!). I will report back with more photos.

What have you all got lined up for this weekend? It is going to be a gorgeous one here in Southern Ontario, too nice to be indoors really but needs must. Have a good one!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

One Year On

Today is my daughter and her husband's first wedding anniversary. What a difference a year has made, and I get to babysit tonight! It is early morning here and this time a year ago, my husband and I lay in bed before the mayhem commenced and just chatted about the milestone taking place in our lives, and braced ourselves for the day and all the emotions that lay ahead that day. My husband gets very stressed (like father like daughter!!) at being the centre of attention, i.e. walking the bride up the aisle (while tempered with pride was also scary to him) and the speech - likewise. So I was pumping up his confidence while trying to remind him that no matter how stressed and scared he was today, his daughter was ten times more stressed and scared and to tread carefully!!

Anyway as you know the day pretty much went off without a hitch, everyone had a truly wonderful time and all the stressing and preparation paid off and 24 hours later we could look back and thank our lucky stars that we didn't have to go through that again anytime soon LOL.

Wish me luck this evening, Beautiful Annika morphs into Angry Annika in the evenings, that's how I picked up the gig. I offered a couple of nights before she was born and was told they had thought they would probably take the baby with them to dinner as it seemed to early to leave her - ha!

Monday, September 7, 2009

One Month Old Already!!

Check out the link here for another beautiful picture of my daughter and her baby.  Their friend is starting a professional protography business and doing a wonderful job.

That was taken when Annika was just 6 days old and yesterday she was a month old.  My goodness me.  Today it is Labour Day and I am getting a visit from the family.  I think they take pity on me because I am always on my own, hubby being back in the UK.  He was home last weekend for the Christening and he pronounced the newest addition to our family as "very nice" when asked by everyone with typical British understatement!!  But I think you can see how chuffed he is here, can't you LOL~!!

It has been Ribfest here in our city - a really big deal apparently, I don't get it myself, I am not really into lining up for my food and then sitting at long tables with strangers to eat expensive and messy ribs. Anyhow I managed to sign up youngest son for volunteering (I know what a great mum!) and he has managed to get his forty hours required for graduation done in one fell swoop. I just had a text from my friend who he was helping to say how proud I should be of him and how helpful he was - which of course is very gratifying to hear/read!!

Apart from that life continues as normal with me on the hunt for my next real estate prospect, enjoying the lovely (less humid) weather we have been experiencing over the last week (next stop the weeding) and getting my house ready for market. A bit of a development on that front. It seems daughter and her husband would like to buy it if we can manage to sell theirs. That might be more of a challenge as it is out in the country but I'm game. It is also very nice that they like our house enough to want it - being in the city, close to amenities and not such a money pit as theirs, it is probably a good fit at their time of life. Fingers crossed it goes ahead.