Friday, September 25, 2009


I thought fall had arrived a few days ago and rashly de-nuded my toenails of their summer polish. Well it has been months since my last pedicure (before I went to France - I know!) with many repair jobs since. It really was time to let my poor nails see the light of day. But summer has sneaked back in and the nails are back on show, without, sin of sins, their lovely polish. So this morning I really needed to rectify this. As I type I am up to my ankles in suds, I have my exfoliating gloves and all my foot spa related lotions to hand and am about to make those toes respectable again. When you are as blind as I am becoming this is more of a chore than you might think. Someone gave me a great idea the other day, when, as us ladies do, we were discussing such matters. She sits on some steps to do her toes, not being as flexible as in days gone past, this has been my problem. Not being able to get the toes within focus range!! So I will let you know how it goes.


aims said...

Oh SITH I know what you mean. I don't bend well at all these days and I certainly don't see as well as I did. In fact I have a feeling my bifocals are going to turn into trifocals very shortly. I'm afraid even steps wouldn't help me.

I get The Man to do all my toe work. He does a lovely trimming and sanding job and on occasion he has been known to paint them as well.


The same here it is such an effort to do bend and get your toes nice
I try to do them with my foot on the bath find it easier
Hope you are well