Monday, September 7, 2009

One Month Old Already!!

Check out the link here for another beautiful picture of my daughter and her baby.  Their friend is starting a professional protography business and doing a wonderful job.

That was taken when Annika was just 6 days old and yesterday she was a month old.  My goodness me.  Today it is Labour Day and I am getting a visit from the family.  I think they take pity on me because I am always on my own, hubby being back in the UK.  He was home last weekend for the Christening and he pronounced the newest addition to our family as "very nice" when asked by everyone with typical British understatement!!  But I think you can see how chuffed he is here, can't you LOL~!!

It has been Ribfest here in our city - a really big deal apparently, I don't get it myself, I am not really into lining up for my food and then sitting at long tables with strangers to eat expensive and messy ribs. Anyhow I managed to sign up youngest son for volunteering (I know what a great mum!) and he has managed to get his forty hours required for graduation done in one fell swoop. I just had a text from my friend who he was helping to say how proud I should be of him and how helpful he was - which of course is very gratifying to hear/read!!

Apart from that life continues as normal with me on the hunt for my next real estate prospect, enjoying the lovely (less humid) weather we have been experiencing over the last week (next stop the weeding) and getting my house ready for market. A bit of a development on that front. It seems daughter and her husband would like to buy it if we can manage to sell theirs. That might be more of a challenge as it is out in the country but I'm game. It is also very nice that they like our house enough to want it - being in the city, close to amenities and not such a money pit as theirs, it is probably a good fit at their time of life. Fingers crossed it goes ahead.


menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Softie - you could eat that wee darlin'! Oh she is just a beautiful baby and yes we Brits can be so restrained in our praise but that is just the English! Us Scots can wax lyrical for hours!

Good luck with the house sale, but then you know you have great taste as I said before when you showed us pictures of your house.

Shana said...

Marissa got 10 hours of her volunteer hours over the weekend, which she was happy with.

I went to Ribfest in my city about a month ago. Didn't eat any ribs.

Great photo. Beautiful baby.

Good luck with the house.