Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Time is Flying

It cannot be August 25th already.  Where did August go?  It has been very hectic around here, what with my little part-time job, the real estate (where I have been challenged to do three deals before the end of September ! due to lack of productivity the rest of 2009), the arrival of Annika, and hubby back this coming weekend from the UK for short break, I do not have enough hours in my day.  

Amongst all that I hosted the baby shower at my house last weekend, twenty plus adults and small children, lots of baby gazing and pink presents - that was fun!

If I had my heart's desire it would be to spend every day camped at my daughter's house gazing at my new granddaughter but somehow I don't think I can get away with that.  Next down the list would be at least one real estate deal to take a bit of the pressure off, and I am working my butt off trying to get that!  

A few hours in the garden would be nice, the ground elder is back in full force and I just cannot get out there to tackle it.  I did manage to get into the pool for the first time last weekend but have to say it is not so much fun when you are out there on your lonesome (cue violins....I know, I know ....poor SITH floating around in her pool on her own! )

Plus with all that going on we are seriously considering listing our own house which will entail some touching up and tweaking here and there, I guess I could combine that with the major cleaning and tidying blitz that is required to herald hubby's return....ha!

My mind feels like a butterfly, flitting here and there but never quite settling on any one thing for an acceptable or productive amount of time.  Well actually a combination of butterfly and bee hive, because there is also constant activity and it is very hard to calm everything down.

One day when I am in France, I expect I might yearn for such a hectic life, but I am not yet convinced LOL


Alice said...

ahh, i think no matter what we are living we will always yearn for something else. But that is the beauty of life - no-one ever said you had to do just one thing with it forever :-) Enjoy these hectic times with that gorgeous baby and good luck with the house sales!

The Green Stone Woman said...

I'm not convinced either. I think you'll embrace France and garden like crazy and do all sorts of other neat things and not be bored one bit.

aims said...

One day you will look back at all this and wonder how you did it all.

A new baby - a life waiting for you in France - and you running between right now.

I'd enjoy a bit of pool time. Ours is sitting at 62F and has been much of the summer. No heater for this thing - just sun - and we've not had any warmth here yet. I'm ready to empty it on the trees and just give up for the year.


Hadriana's Treasures said...

You do sound busy. So many good things going on in your life. I once worked for a state owned French Bank. We were expected to sit our desks all day and do nothing. I nearly went mad with boredom.

Those of us with active minds...always find things to do no matter what.

Good luck with all your endeavours!