Thursday, August 6, 2009

Back in France!

Yep GWE is back there, very briefly, to pick up our blue blob of a van and take it back to the UK so he has some wheels. One good thing about the blue blog, it is very easy to spot in a car park, unlike my silver Jetta. In fact when we were in the UK recently my son and I were caught trying to get in to someone else's charcoal grey generic car (which we had rented) - whoops - we had to explain sheepishly, it was identical to ours LOL

Anyway GWE reports from France that the weeds have be kept to a minimum since we were last there but not sure if that is a result of all our labours or the amazingly hot temperatures they have had recently. Our great neighbour, who picked him up at the airport (these people are wonderful) says that their thermometer has been registering 40+ degrees! Here is it going to be a wonderful 22 degrees but will get much warmer over the weekend, might have to get into that pool at last.

Also we have managed to acquire a couch in France, it seems we are to be the recipients of anything anyone else in the street no longer has a use for! It is not the greatest couch in the world but we have so much more work to do, it is not worth buying any good stuff yet. Anyway the word is out, that couple at the end of the street are living like squatters, give them your junk. haha

So GWE is just there overnight, out to Fish and Chip night in a nearby village with our friends this evening, before he sets off back to the UK tomorrow.

Aren't you glad you dropped by. It's all happening here!


amy said...

Yes, I'm glad I dropped by! Eager to get back there to France before it turns cold and rainy. Happy things are coming along for you over there.

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Surely they don't have fish and chip shops in France? Sounds like things are coming together for you. X

The Green Stone Woman said...

I didn't realize you were a faithful reader of my blog and will definitely return the favor and try to sty up to date on your adventures. It is 29 degrees here, hot enough for me!

dND said...

Old stuff has it's uses - You have to remember the heat that scorches and fades, the damp in the old buildings that causes mould, the 'mite' that eats holes in your clothes and soft furnishings and the multitude of wood boring insects that love the gourmet snack bar that we kindly provide! Just some of the joys of living here :-)

I used to wonder why the French had such a love of all things plastic, now I know - the problem now with that is that all plastic is biodegradable so one summer and it too falls apart - you just can't win!

But I love it!
Deborah x

Maggie May said...

A nice throw over the couch & you won't know the difference. Never look a gift horse in the mouth, my Mum used to say!

It has been very cool here today, probably not more than 18 C.

aims said...

I lived on left overs for so long that it doesn't seem odd to me that you would do this at all. There will come the day when you will turn it into the palace you dream it can be. And you'll have all the furnishings to boot!

softinthehead said...

amy - your trip to New Orleans sounds fascinating, though I can imagine you are keen to get home.
MOB - sign of the times so many Brits over there - there is a chip van that travels from village to village!
Irene - 29 degrees sounds quite bearable - it is meant to climb to over 30 here this weekend and feel like 39 with the humidity
Deb - you make it sounds so homey LOL - don't get me wrong I am grateful
Maggie - your Mum was so right!
aims - you are right - recycling is great and I love second hand, I just like to choose - but I am grateful - honestly :)

Anonymous said...

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