Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Another two months....

Yes amazingly another two months have flown by here in our little village. I honestly wonder what I do with myself all day but the days just whizz by. How did I ever manage to have a job as well!! What have we been up to the? Well we have have a few visitors, the in-laws were here for a few days in early July, it was very hot while they were here and luckily they didn't want to do too much but we did a few bits, took them to Oradour sur Glane, visited nearby Chateau Guillaume, and went to a vide grenier so feel they got an all round taste of life here in the country.

When they were here the garden was looking very scorched as we had hardly any rain for months. Since mid-July however we have had plenty and all the water butts are nicely topped up....this after several weeks of having to water with the washing up water and from our well as there was a ban in the area.

Also we have made some progress on the kitchen, there is still a way to go but the units using my stripped windows are now in place and we also have a cooker!! Whoohoo - its beginning to resemble a kitchen.

Then just a couple of weeks ago, my brother, sister-in-law and two of their children were here for a week, again took off on the tourist route, trip to Limoges with a lovely walk along the river, a bit of a tortuous afternoon on the Velorail, and a tiny bit of house hunting!!!

Also, big news, second baby granddaughter, Elise Ann, was born weighing in at 8lb 10ozs on July 21st. Everyone doing very well - Annika has taken it all in her stride and I am off to Canada to see everyone a week today. Hubby just started a new job today, still in Toulouse, so not able to take time off to come with me. It will probably just be a couple of weeks of shopping with daughter, and spending lots of time with my granddaughters, I cannot wait.