Monday, July 7, 2008

I'm waving not drowning!

Where does the time go? As usual I am having hectic time, mostly because I am taking care of someone else's business while she is up north sitting by a lake. It is good though because my business has gone a little quiet so I am hoping to keep busy doing the basics and wait for the next opportunity to pop along. The wedding plans are swinging along nicely at the moment, I am out with daughter this evening to buy some bits and bobs for the flower girl, i.e. dress material and the like. 

We have had long conversations about favours - what is this concept, I don't think it is something that exists in the UK yet but seems to be par for the course on this side of the Atlantic. A little bit of stuff and nonsense for the guests to take home. Just more expense for something that probably nobody really wants. Anyway they have made little pots of jam - which I approve of in the sense that if it is a must, let's make it individual. 

Also the sense that when you are attending a wedding you need to buy a gift commensurate with the cost of the dinner you will be eating is alien to me.  I feel if we decide to spend a fortune on the wedding, our guests should not feel obliged to help with the cost - that is our decision and we just want them to be there to participate in the occasion, nothing further. I am trying the "when in Rome" concept but you know me, hard to keep mum on such subjects! I hate the thought that people, on receiving the invitation might be thinking, oh no, more expense!!

Apart from that my brother is coping well so far with the chemo, except from a very enlarged stomach due to bloating he says he feels a complete fraud and feels very well.  And long may it continue - so I am very happy to report that he is planning to come over for the wedding and other people are booking as well, it is beginning to take shape and I have suddenly started looking at my house and making a list of all those little jobs that get left by the wayside, until you have an influx of visitors!

All things considered, it appears I will be "busy" this summer even if it isn't selling houses.


aims said...

First of all Sith - I didn't know - or maybe I just didn't remember that your brother is going through this. My heart goes out to him and to you and yours. A terrible experience for all involved.

Have you heard of Chemo Angels?

Please put his name on it.

There is another group I want to point you towards - but wouldn't you know it - I've gone all soft in the head....I'll get it to you as soon as I ask my friend who has breast cancer.

On a brighter note - it's lucky it is not your wedding. You are really involved in this one aren't you? And party favours? Wow! I havne't been to a wedding in a long time. My brother has sold quite a few expensive pieces of pottery - as wedding gifts. I am stunned when people don't bat an eye when they purchase a piece for $250.00! I'm happy for my brother - but what happened to matching

Have you seen my brother's pottery btw? I'm going to have The Man post a link on my blog - just because I am so damn proud of his work! Here's for you...

softinthehead said...

Thanks aims - I will check out those websites. Yes matching teatowels - those were the days! This wedding stuff is crazy...anyway I am trying to be objective - not easy when it is your only daughter..only one chance to be mother of the bride ...well hopefully! :)

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Gosh SITH, what a busy time you are having, all things considered. Wedding Favours are just beginning to be mentioned here - I heard it last week from a friend whose daughter is getting married soon. It's all money.. money. M :-)

Breezy said...

It's amazing what a production weddings have become. I wonder if anyone has a buffet at the pub and three days in scarborough like we did?

softinthehead said...

Breezy, ours was reception in the scout hut, cars c/o the funeral home (no not the hearse) and a week on the Isle of Wight. These two are off to Costa Rica - the times have changed!! Great to hear from you - I miss you and Deborah - you are being too quiet.

Maggie May said...

The little pots of jam look delightful and I'm sure will be received with pleasure.
There's so much to do with the oncoming wedding & now you are helping a friend with her business too. You are a busy lady!

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Glad your brother is doing well. Fingers crossed eh?

Yes we do favours at weddings here in the Uk. Just another expense.

I have an award for you at my place!

Carolyn said...

I'm glad to hear your brother is handling his treatment well. As you said, "and long may it continue".

As for the wedding plans, I'm glad everything is going well. And for the record, I LOVE the idea of jam as favours. I mornally detest favour gifts because they're usually so useless. At least the jam will be consumed and enjoyed (assuming the guests aren't diabetic!) I think it's a great compromise.

Anyway, keep us posted on the rest of the wedding as it moves forward. It's always so fun to live vicariously.

Mean Mom said...

I'm glad that the plans are going well for the wedding and that your brother is coping with his treatment. I hope that everything continues in the same way for him.

You very aptly describe wedding favours when you say that they are a bit of stuff and nonsense. We've received sugared almonds and love hearts (oh, my teeth)! Love hearts are sugary children's sweets with a silly message on them. I used to eat them in primary school.

Pots of jam sound great!

The last wedding list we received, last year, was full of things made by Wedgewood. The cheapest was a gravy boat, which was about £40. (I think you double it for dollars).

Anyway, there are awards over at my place, when you have a minute to spare. I think there may be some which you don't already have.

Anonymous said...

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