Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Thanks Ever So!!

Mob at (sorry forgotten how to do links) has given me an award, it was a take what you want kind of awards ceremony and I am not sure I qualify as a "funny lady" - OK possibly "funny" as in odd, maybe not funny ha ha. But I loved, I wanted it, so I took and ran. Thanks again, mob, much appreciated.


aims said...

You do deserve it. Never say you aren't funny - because you are in your own sweet way.

I took a couple and ran too....I couldn't resist! Mob is so generous isn't she?!

Gill - That British Woman said...

Hi there, I just wanted to say hi and to thank you for popping into my blog. I don't live in Burlington, but know what you mean about the same old, same old subdivisions, they do look all the same. I do live in another big city with the same initial about a 40 minute (I think) drive from Burlington ;0)

I do hope you pop by again. I do have an amusing post tomorrow about toilets!!!!

Gill :0)

dND said...

SITH, I think the weeds are growing taller and faster than ever this year, it is warm and wet here so ideal weed weather!

I'm so glad that all the paperwork is through and work under way but I would say don't expect it all completed straight away. It may but there might be other problems, such as materials not delivered on time so they start work elsewhere and of course the holidays are just getting into major mode here. Bastille day next week, the month of August when nothing happens etc.

But it will happen. My experience with French workmen, although limited to electrics and plumbing has been good.

softinthehead said...

Deb - thanks for your encouraging words - so far so good - I hope our expectations are realistic - it helps that we don't have to live through it!

Anonymous said...

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