Monday, December 31, 2007

Don't know why but......

Somebody recently mentioned her lust for David Cassidy back in the day and it brought back fond memories. Remember girls when you were either David or Donny, never both, although I had a bit of a thing for Marc as well. Well that got me thinking of all the fella's that have sent my heart aflutter from afar over the years.

First there was David of course, then

George Michael (I know I know but that voice and those looks - sigh!)

John Cusack - kind of quirky

Ewan McGregor (but only in his trainspotting guise - weird eh!)

Clark Gable as Rhett Butler

Robert Downey Jr for some reason

Richard Gere but only after I saw him interviewed and realised he was much more than just a very pretty face.

Clive Owen wouldn't get the door slammed in his face.

And of course, last but definitely not least, in the weakintheknees department, lovely George Clooney, in any guise, on any day!!

Maybe all this nonsense gives a little insight into GWE (you know - hubby) I obviously vere in the direction of dark, not necessarily tall, must be able to sing, slightly sardonic, a bit masterful, and a great sense of fun.

Well I hope that has given you all some pleasant thoughts of your own......


Debra in France said...

I was a Donny person. Now apart from being an OH person, I like Viggo Mortensen (lord of the rings) and Harrison Ford

softinthehead said...

Yep it obviously all starts with whether you are Donny or David!

Breezy said...

Sorry being awkward I refused to like either and went for Alice Cooper instead (bit of a rebel you know) now well .... George Clooney definately wouldn't get thrown out and Mel Gibson but only with the long hair in the Mad Max films and sticking with the long hair theme Christopher Lambert in the Highlander mmm long hair and a kilt what could be better?

softinthehead said...

Debra - yes Viggo was in the running but didn't make the short list.

Breezy you rebel you. I am seeing a different side of you now! I do see where you are going with the long hair and kilt, but I thought Liam Neeson did it better in ....Rob Roy was it?