Thursday, January 3, 2008


Well here I am - it is 7.02 am and I have happily checked in on all my cyber friends, Stinking Billy had some nice words for me, maybe that will drive some more traffic my way as we seem to be a select few at the moment. But I do miss MenopausalOldBag (MOB, I know she is busy writing away at her novel but please can she drop all her fans a few measly lines? Just so you know, MOB, I check everyday in the faint hope. I loved reading aims latest installment and looking forward to the day I can read the whole story, makes my life seem so ordinary, but I guess that is not necessarily a bad thing when you read what some people have been through. wifeinthenorth made my day with her tale of shooting (drinking?) up North but Mean Mom and Manic Mother Of Five have been very quiet as well, I know it has been Christmas and all that but..... Some other favourites are Swearing Mother , wakeupandsmellthecoffee and of course Queeny (sorry Queeny couldn't find a link for you) who is thinking about dumping us all. Anyhoo, I have loved meeting you all and this is my way of including you all in my blog because I still have no idea how to add that wonderful list to the side of my blog like all you clever lot. Now I suppose I should get on with my day.....


Stinking Billy said...

Hey, you big softy, you and I could be accused of playing tennis in our comments sections, but I don't care if you don't.

More than that, you've been reading my thoughts about MOB and the others you mention. I could add a couple like Lady Thinker and Crystal Jigsaw but then I could go from there, and I would be terrified to miss out others I also value highly.

You didn't put me right about your 'French Connection' but I Googled The Limousin and think I've got it worked out for myself.

softinthehead said...

SB - as you can see I haven't got on with my day! I love checking in to see what everyone has got to say. Originally from the UK, have via various meaderings ended up here in Canada(BTW my mum lives up your way, Spennymoor!) but as I said we have fallen in love with France and purchased a property (I use the term "property" very loosely!) there in the heart of rural France, Limousin - not far from Debra and Breezy. I only started this blog back in November so if you were feeling brave, (or er had nothing better to do!?!?) you could go back to the beginning to get the full story. Lovely of you to check me out.... Now I really must get going.