Monday, January 21, 2008

A Weekend in the Life of A "Real" Real Estate Agent

Well it has been a very eventful weekend. My head is still spinning. First of all I got my second listing - yay! Again people I met at an open house. So Friday that property went on the market, Friday evening my first listing went firm, all conditions fulfilled. As soon as the clients heard it was firm, we were out looking at properties again. We had missed out on one just before Christmas, and it had been sitting there conditional on the other buyers selling their property all this time, and we were lurking, hoping to bump them when our deal went firm, then Thursday morning the status on that house went firm - bummer - so we had to start our search again. Anyway they looked again at one they had seen before and decided if we could get a deal, that was the one for them. They would sleep on it.
Saturday morning, bright and early, they give me instructions to draw up an offer on the house. So I got that underway, meanwhile sending my son and his friend out with my "Just Sold" flyers for their house. The offer was presented, and went back and forth all day, the sellers finally accepting my clients' final offer at 10pm Saturday evening. So after an afternoon of putting "Just Listed" flyers around my new listing (in frigid temperatures I might add - devoted or what?), I met up with the listing agent in the office parking lot at 10.30 Saturday night to hand over the deposit and collect the documents. It seemed so cloak and dagger.
Come Sunday (my day of rest!!), sorted out all the paperwork, and spent the remainder of the day wrestling the old tiles from my bathroom walls (that is what counts for rest around here!), then out of the blue Sunday around 7pm I get a call from my new sellers who have been out around the Open Houses without me (!) and they want to put in an offer, can they see the house one more time? So I scramble to get all that paperwork together, meanwhile setting up another viewing, make myself presentable and meet them at the house around 8.30pm. Yes it is a very nice house and they sign up. Deal goes back and forth a few times, with me sitting in my car outside in -12 degrees C, making a small hole in the ozone layer until 11.50pm last night. Unfortunately for my clients, the seller wasn't ready negotiate too much so soon after her property hitting the market last week, so we ended up walking away. But we will be lurking again!!
So an amazing weekend for this fledgling agent, lots of excitement, stress and experience under her belt. And as a bonus I can also see some cash at the end of the tunnel. GWE is pretty pumped too as you can imagine. Phew! I am not sure whether to hope for more weekends like that or not. Pretty intense.

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aims said...

I've always wondered what it would be like to be a real estate agent. For me I would always be thinking of ways to renovate each house I sold - or what it would be like to live there....that alone might be nerve wracking enough...

Good job well done girl!