Thursday, January 3, 2008


As usual pressed the publish button too quickly and when I read my last blog realised I had omitted to add the very three people who got me started on all this in my efforts to live my life vicariously in France, and they are of course, Breezybreakblogs, Us in France and sally's chateau. Sorry ladies, what a faux pas!!


aims said...

Finally! - I thought you got snowed under and under and under over there and were unable to post. My heart almost stopped when I scrolled down and saw Mr. Clooney!

I wish I could tell you how to post your favorite reads - 'The Man' set up mine - but I can at least do it now that it's set up....I don't understand much of computer stuff either so you're not alone.

Thanks for the mention btw! I too hope that you can someday read the whole story in the completed and published form!

softinthehead said...

Aims the snow is now under control - its the temperature getting us today -22 with the windchill which I am sure you know all about out west! Yes Mr Clooney stops my heart from time. Thanks for keep popping by.

aims said...

Me again - The Man has just got in and has given me a step by step instruction for you to follow to set up your links that you like - so here we go....

Go to Customize
click on template
click on add a page element
click on add a link list
(then put in your links using the http of everyone)
then make sure you save it all or it disappears

Good luck!

softinthehead said...

Aims - thanks so much, I will give it a go, stand by.