Sunday, December 16, 2007

Crippling (!) or Back Breaking Snow Storm

Well this is the reason for a two (so far) blog day. Southern Ontario is in the grip of a "crippling" snowstorm and I am in no hurry to don the wellies and head outside to dig us out. You saw my picture the other day of my back garden, very pretty - just a snowy day. This is my street! There is a road out there somewhere. The best part of these days is when you have spent two back breaking hours clearing the driveway and the path up to the house and in both directions to meet up with your neighbours efforts. You are back indoors with your feet up, a hot cuppa helping to bring your hands back to life, when you hear the snow plough go past. What this means for all you snow virgins is a two foot pile of slushy wet heavy sh***ty snow right back across the width of the driveway and if you don't shift it soon, it turns into a rock solid speed-bump - guaranteed to impede any exit from the driveway!!!
Meanwhile GWE is in France, having driven what turned out to be 12 hours from Germany through Switzerland to get there (which apparently he is in no hurry to repeat - can I just say "I told you so") next time a civilized flight to Paris and a 4 hour drive down!! Anyway when I called him, he said it is only -1 over there and a gorgeous day, and he is happily sunning himself while he tries to pry the remaining ivy from the walls of our little piece of France. Later on his host at B & B is taking out on a pony and trap ride around the neighbouring countryside. There is something dreadfully wrong with this situation. WTF Santa, and I have been good this year!


aims said...

Brings back many memories of my youth in Ontario. I was born in Guelph and moved up to Sudbury. Now - there was snow there!! I remember looking out the window and knowing there was a car on a street somewhere in front of the house....and it went on and on and about long winters!!
But - you know I loved it! I absolutely loved it!

I skied and skated - did all those wonderful sports...then I got older and moved out west where the real skiing is...and I've not skiied once since I moved here. Who can afford it...100$+ a day to ski...pffft.

Now - what is up with Santa - why aren't you in France too??

BTW - wouldn't it be neat if you were near Debra in France who is right down the road from Breezy Break can get those links on my site....I've figured out how to do it.... :) LOL

softinthehead said...

Aims - it was their websites that got me hooked. I was searching for sites of people doing renovations in France and found them. And I won't be far from them....when I finally get there!

Getting old and boring, it's not so much the $$$ that put me off the skiing - it is the burning thighs and the lure of the cosy lodges!

As far as links are concerned, you will have to tell me how, I don't have any brain power left to work it out for myself.

Breezy said...

SITH it's a positively balmy 11 degrees now. We definitely won't be getting a white christmas

Debra in France said...

Snow makes everything look wonderful. When we started our renovations and there was rubble and goodness knows what outside the house, a covering of snow made it look like a palace.

We generally get snow during the last 2 weeks of January. It falls hard and fast for a couple of days, stays for a week or so, then goes. We have low temperatures and heavy frosts until mid March then it starts to warm up.

It is lovely having definate seasons here. In the UK everything just merges into a damps year - it is all do do with being a small island. Now that we live on continental Europe we get hotter summer and colder winters.

Have a wonderful christmas, hopefully Breezy and I can get to meet you when you come over next.

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Hi, and thank you for visiting me. I have just watched "It's a Wonderful Life" again. Again! And ended up in tears too. Ah well. Have been reading your Blog, and look forward to more. Just managed to add a list to my Blog too - it's a great community.
Happy New Year, Margot xx

Almost American said...

I swear the snowploughs wait around the corner until you've finished clearing the driveway . . . !

Actually, they didn't bother showing up AT ALL after our last storm. Well, it was only 4 or 5 inches of snow . . . They did make a ridge of snow that must have been 10 inches high across the end of our street though as they ploughed the main road :-(

softinthehead said...

AA so true! We are due high temps this week those +14 (C) so hopefully alot of the dirty white stuff will disappear (for a while). Thanks for dropping by.