Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's a Done Deal

We have booked the tickets and are all set for our week in France in April. After all that research I had done on the complicated plans to go to France via the UK (hubby's idea) to pick up hubby's new passport!! he then decided it was far too time consuming (and exhausting.....and complicated) so I researched going directly to Paris and driving down, and what do you know, it was a lot less expensive. Strangely it was also much less costly to rent a car for the entire week, returning it back to the same pick up location than just renting for the journey down, using our little blue van for the week, and then renting just for the journey back, almost half as expensive in fact! Also this plan also allows us to stop en route to pick up some stuff. This time around we want to try and get a washing machine and a heated towel rail. I know, exciting or what?! No wonder the visitors to my blog have dropped off drastically (if the comments are anything to go by) but these are the things that make up my existence!

Anyway hubby wants to buy one of those strange French (?)/European (?) top loading machines. All I can think when I see one is "can I get a decent load in there....will a duvet fit in?" If anyone has any comments or input on that, do pass it along. I couldn't find a photo of one but I am sure you French dwellers know what I mean. You lift the lid, then you open the drum. The drum seems very small but we do have limited space where it is going to be installed and most of the time it will just be the two of us.

So another mind-bogglingly fascinating post from SITH. I am sure you have now concluded I really am soft in the head. :)

I am sure you look at the first picture and wonder at my longing to be back there, but then I look at the one above and cannot wait to see that view through my new french doors. I do however love the old windows and hope to be able to recycle them somehow.


Maggie May said...

Glad you are managing to go to France very soon.
As regards top loaders..... yes I have one. If anything they are quite strong as they have 2 pivots to hold the drum rather than one (front loader.) The reason I have one is that it is slimmer and fits where I want it, whereas front loaders tend to be bulky in a small kitchen. I can get double duvet COVERS in but not the duvet itself. I go to the launderette for that.

Sorry I haven't been visiting as much during my problems and also during the winter..... my bedroom is cold and thats where the main computer is.Weather has been awful.

Nuts in May

softinthehead said...

Oh Maggie just moaning because my comments have gone down! :) But I always appreciate hearing from you. You're one of my regulars. I always visit you and I don't always comment so I shouldn't complain.
Great feedback on the washing machine - thanks. Keep warm, hopefully spring should be just around the corner.

Shana said...

Research can sure pay off!!

Elizabethd said...

I wonder why you prefer the top loader? I have a French front loader, it takes up no more room than ny other, holds 5 kg, but duvets are best taken to one of the launderettes where they have very large machines.
A very good chain of shops is 'Expert', who stock all electrical goods. Their call out and service is excelent...and when thwy get to know you they do give discounts!

The Green Stone Woman said...

I have a front loader and had it forever and it works just fine. I can't get a duvet in it, but the covers fit just fine. I don't know why you would want a top loader with a drum. It is very bothersome and unnecessary and limited in space. I wouldn't do it if I were you.

Living the Dream said...

I know exactly why you are wanting to get back to France even with all the chaos. I have only heard good reports from people with the top loaders, I can't say because I did bring mine with me. It is a large top loader - whirlpool and I love it.

aims said...

SITH - I don't blame you one bit looking at either of those pics. I would be dreaming of it day and night.

Just back from NO and that house we looked at is with a new lister and is starting at 350K. Imagine that! In a part of NO that flooded badly though so lots of empty houses around that area as well.

My heart aches already to be back there and I've been home 2 days. I do know exactly what you mean. You however have a place already - that is something for us to dream about still.

the fly in the web said...

I had a top loader once...when the blasted artisan francais who was fitting the kitchen made a horlicks of it and left only a tiny space for the washing machine...yes, I know, only the Brits would have a washing machine in the kitchen...it was a little gem, sturdy and reliable, but no way could you get a duvet in it.
Nor can you in my current front loader.

softinthehead said...

Shana, Elizabeth, Nora - it is really hubby's idea to have the top loaded, he feels, like Maggie said that they would be stronger due to the design and we do have a small space in the utility room to put one in. I think I might let him win this battle :)

Hazel - thanks for dropping by

aims - so glad to hear you had a wonderful time - dreams can come true you know :)

FITW - thanks for dropping by, yes I am trying to keep it out of the kitchen, space is at a premium.

Thanks for all your comments ladies.