Wednesday, February 17, 2010

On The Road Again...

Gone are the days when you went to your travel agent to book your holidays. No, it is yet another skill I have had to master. And believe me the logistics of getting from Burlington, Canada to Limoges, France are not for the feint hearted. So I have spent a good part of the last few days doing just that, all the different scenarios, leaving on this or that date, stop overs, car rentals, connecting flights and all on a shoestring of course. Also I have to maximize time away, satisfy hubby's desire to be in France while not being away from work too long, pacifying the two (2!) lots of people I work with.

So this is what I have finally nailed down - leaving Friday afternoon (once hubby has returned same day from Montreal!) arriving in London at the crack of Saturday morning. Pick up car rental and rush down to the south coast to see the in-laws and pick up hubby's new passport. Up the next morning again at the crack of dawn to head back to Stansted for our flight to Limoges. Hopefully be picked up in Limoges by our wonderful neighbours and hence finally arriving at our little piece of France Sunday afternoon. All of course with jet lag!!

Spend a productive five days in France, looking out through our lovely new windows, admiring the beautiful ceiling and discussing the next stage with our builders. We would also love to be able to see our staircase installed but have been warned not to hold our breath on that matter.

Return to UK on Saturday, pick up another rental car, meet up with friends and hopefully cadge a room for the night, up at the crack of dawn Sunday morning to catch our fight back to Canada. Once back in Toronto, wave hubby off on his fight back to Montreal. All for the very reasonable cost of just over $2000!! Travel has certainly got a lot more expensive since we bought the house!

Anyone having anything helpful to suggest, please do - only polite suggestions please :)


Maggie May said...

It would be so easy for us to get there and it seems such a long way for you to go.
Can't think of a cheaper way......

Nuts in May

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Hen, no pain, no gain! Short of robbing a bank there's nothing you can do except bite the bullet. Not long though until you are firmly enjoying the lifestyle you crave. It's a lot of dosh but well worth it. Have a great time, you both deserve it.

Gill - That British Woman said...

just think what it will be costing you in the Summer!! My brother is talking about coming here for a visit in August at a cost of 600 pounds, so I do think you have a deal with the $2,000.

Can you take photos?

Also thanks for the info for cheap pet meds, I am going to look into that.

Gill back in snowy cold Canada!!