Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's all a blur

I have been on a course this week to continue my education for the real estate.  It is Property Law so you can just imagine how much fun it is.  Plus my colleague and I are driving 40 minutes back and forth each day as they aren't offering the course any closer in the time frame we have left before our two year articling period is up in August.  It is interesting in parts and sometimes I feel we should have been through this before we were let loose in the industry, but they have just changed the format from essay answers to multiple choice and this seems to have caught everyone, including the instructors, off guard so our instructor is recommending we read every chapter 4 or 5 times - right - like that is going to happen. I have trouble reading it through once.   It is a little tougher as I used to work in a law office so am quite familiar with a lot of it, therefore I find I am skimming across the pages and not taking it in very well.  Ho hum, fingers crossed next week is a little more enlightening.

Meanwhile, a major leap forward in France, we have a land line to the house (remember no dial up internet or anything) but this does mean much lower phone bills.  Whoo hoo,!! This is just seven weeks since son put the wheels in motion.  Also I am just sending off the agreement and cheque for EDF to replace the electric meter and supposedly the work should happen within the next six weeks, what do you think?

Son is busy building a vanity for the sink in the bathroom to stand on and from the photos on Facebook, the results will be pretty impressive.  (sorry still no photos because they are on FB - does anyone know if you can get them off there to upload them here?)  He has been sealing and priming all the interior walls - just white but it looks some much lighter and brighter, the kitchen is actually starting to look like a kitchen.  Almost all the electrics are now done, except for the light and outlet by the vanity, which has to wait for that to be put in place, which has to wait for the plumbing to be done and then some plastering where all the plaster came away with the old tiles, I know it just goes on and on.

The plumber is due back mid-week and will be turning off the water so son and girlfriend are planning a three day trip up to Paris, son said that girlfriend has been wanting to do this for weeks :)

GWE (the great wage earner) had a bit of a hiccup this morning in deepest Kansas.  Went out to a bar last night and "sensibly" left the car and caught a cab home, this morning he went to retrieve the car only to find it had been towed because he had parked it in a parking lot that is used for a farmer's market on Saturday mornings.  Unfortunately, the car he has down there is in my name (while I am driving the one in his name up here - doh!! - this was all due to the availability - or lack of it- of diesel down in the States).  Anyway the car is in my name and they wont let him get it from the pound without a "notarised" letter of authorization from me.  It's a long weekend here and so he is basically screwed until Tuesday when I will be able to get something notarized.  You can imagine how thrilled he is.  

He has had quite a week.  Thursday night, a shooting took place at the bar that he and his colleagues had just left a hour earlier, one person injured.  Then Friday night he called me to say they were in the midst of a major tornado warning, an amazing lightning storm and sirens blaring!  Then this morning.....  The sooner he can get out of there the better.  He has travelled the world with work over the years, and I honestly think this is the riskiest place he has ever been.

I will close now, I know it is all or nothing with me.  Until next time......


Maggie May said...

Things are really moving in France.
Lucky you have son there to get things moving. He has done very well.

Pity about the car.

Mean Mom said...

Your course sounds like a bit of a pain. Hope next week is better.

Glad work in France is continuing OK and hope you get the meter put in within the time frame.

Your husband obviously isn't having a good week! Before we moved to the country town where we now live, my husband used to stay Mon to Fri in one of the local pubs, as it was close to his place of work. One night, he forgot that it was market day, the next day and parked on the usual car park. The next morning when he went to his car, he found a very irate stallholder, selling fish from the bonnet of his car!

Elizabethd said...

It sounds as though things are going well in France. You must be longing to get over here and see all that has been done.

aims said...

I read
She is a nurse in Kansas and hasn't posted in a couple of days. Now you've got me wondering if the tornado warnings have something to do with it.

We have a diesel VW Golf and have driven all over the States with it towing our little trailer. We've had some trouble with getting diesel - but not as much in the last couple of years. We - always - carry an extra can of diesel just in case we can't find some. I've often wondered what the big trucks do when they can't get any down there.

You are so lucky your son has pitched in as he has. I'm hoping he isn't thinking he HAS TO do this because of you. That he HAS TO stay and help because he is family. You know what I mean? I'm hoping it is all just because he wants to. And the girlfriend too.

You are lucky dear SITH. How I wish we were doing this in NO.

softinthehead said...

aims - I read RC too - hopefully everything OK, GWE said it was warnings but nothing happened. and I think RC said she had a soccer tournament this weekend - she's probably got her hands full :)