Sunday, May 31, 2009

A change is as good as a rest

First of all many thanks to for a lovely award. There are some rules that go with this and I promise to get to those in a future post. But wanted to say thanks. As you can see having technical difficulties which will hopefully be resolved in the next post. :)

Hubby is due to return to darkest Kansas today but we have had a lovely week, the weather didn't always cooperate but there has been some sunshine.  We are hopeful there maybe a new job for him on the horizon unfortunately it hasn't quite materialized yet but we have our fingers and toes crossed and I will of course keep you posted.

We pottered about on the boat, now it is back in the water, we didn't actually sail anywhere but spent the day cleaning and polishing so it ready for any potential buyer, so if you know of anyone :)


We lazed around for most of the week, hubby just enjoying access to the internet, cable TV and movies!! But it has been good for him and he heads back, maybe reluctantly, but refreshed.

Yesterday we spent a lovely afternoon with our daughter, now very pregnant, wandering around the lovely town of Niagara on the Lake enjoying the Garden Tour. Daughter had bought us tickets for Mother's Day (you might remember last year we did the B & B Tour down there). Anyway it was a gorgeous day, not too warm, wandering through the lanes nosing in people's gardens. I must admit to more often being impressed by the gardens that were not on show rather than the ones that were.

Check out this fabulous wisteria. One of my absolute favourites although it requires some commitment as it takes several years to establish and bloom and as you know we haven't stayed anywhere long enough in the past. I guarantee this is one plant I intend to include in my pergola/cobbled courtyard garden in France.


Frances said...

Your wisteria is beautiful! Hope you're able to get out to France in July!!

softinthehead said...

Frances Unfortunately it's not my wisteria just some I saw in a garden yesterday but I do covet it :) I keep checking flight prices - i might actually bite the bullet this week and book for France early July !!!

Shana said...

I grew up in Niagara-on-the-Lake. The gardens have always been really nice!!

Maggie May said...

Wisteria is a lovely climbing shrub. great flowers.

The wife of bold said...

Lovely pics especially the wisteria - our potential new home in france is covered in the stuff apparantly (we viewed in feb) but me being an ignorant non garden buff hadn't a clue what it looked like untill now :)

Your welcome, the award was totally deserved - i look forward to reading your ten facts soon x x

Kim Chandler said...

OK Wife of Bold that was a very intriguing comment. Are you and your family also planning a move across the channel - what are the circumstances? Would love to hear all about it :)

softinthehead said...

Whoops I came out of hiding in that comment above. it's just me :)