Friday, May 8, 2009

France Update

I know these France updates are sorely lacking in pictures - tell me about it - I am constantly nagging son and girlfriend for more photos so they put them on Facebook, which is great for me, not so good for the rest of you, sorry.  Let me assure you it still looks pretty bleak.

Now that they have satellite TV they are privy to the world fear of Swine Flu - they hadn't heard a thing about it through the village grapevine and so it was pretty intense to get the full on version on English TV, however living in rural France I don't think they have too much to worry about.  A bigger concern for them is the possible ill effects brought about by discovering the septic tank under the bathroom floor when in the process of laying in the mains drainage.  That created a horrible stink as you can imagine but fingers crossed this can be resolved with a lot of concrete!! 

The basic rewiring has been completed so now we have a new fuse box located in the small bedroom to the right of the front door rather than in the prominent place of right beside the front door in the living room.  Apparently we still have to have the meter in that position when EDF come to install it but it wont be as large and unsightly as the last one, or that is what I am told.  So now they have safe modern electricity in all rooms and more outlets so they can re-locate the fridge and toaster oven back in to the kitchen rather than the utility room.

Apparently because we have a small bathroom (about 5ft x 11ft - which come to think of it is not much smaller than my bathroom here and we are allowed ordinary lighting) we have to have an IP 65 light fitting in there, and all the ones I have seen on the internet at Leroy Merlin etc look like pool lights and factory lighting, nothing attractive. I could understand it if the light was actually in the shower but it will be about 6ft away above the vanity. So we are still on the hunt there but may have to make do until EDF have signed us off and then replace it with something more attractive.

But we do have external lights front and back and an outlet in the barn so we are pretty happy with that.  I know, it is sad what you can get excited about.

Looks like son and girlfriend are planning to move on to Barcelona when the plumber has finished in two or three weeks but hoping to get back up to see us if and when we get there in July, fingers crossed.

Still waiting on France Telecom, surprise surprise. 

However all the work they have done means when we finally get there we will have heat, hot water, electricity, a bed and if we are really lucky some home grown vegetables as they are planting tomatoes, zucchini and onions plus a few herbs - apparently one of the neighbours has promised to keep an eye on those once they leave.  

As you can imagine, I am saving all my pennies to make sure we do get there in July and then I will have loads of photos.


Maggie May said...

Oh it is so exciting!
They have done so much to the house, your son & girlfriend.

If you lived in England it would be so easy and much cheaper to get to France!

Sounds like you have good neighbours out there.

Elizabethd said...

All going well, then. If you are not using the house full time, it would be worth asking EDF to put a small outside meter on, so that they can read it with no trouble. Otherwise you will have loads of 'estimated' bills. They have to be able to read your meter at least once a year.
Do e mail me if you need any further (maybe unwanted)advice!

softinthehead said...

Yes Maggie very exciting - and yes I am looking forward to meeting these helpful neighbours :)

Elizabeth -no that's a great idea and any advice really appreciated. It's all a learning experience - thanks


Brilliant well done on getting all the work done
we are going over to our house in july too i sooo cant wait
How did you get on with france telecom that is something we want to look into

Mean Mom said...

Your son and his girlfriend seems to have done a grand job! Glad it's all progressing.

The Vintage Kitten said...

How wonderful to have a house in France, but when there is work to be undertaken like electrics etc its a nightmare wherever you are. I had the same problem in the bathroom for lighting too and mine is smaller than yours so I had spotlights put in but they are quite bright but I managed to find a wall light that was safe for bathrooms and gives a softer glow, Im in the UK so not sure what is available to you where you are. Im on the lookout for a chandelier to hang in there just for decoration. Id love to see photographs of your french home, a house in France would be my dream home, you are so lucky X

Shana said...

Glad things are progressing!!