Tuesday, May 19, 2009

He's not a happy camper

No I am not referring to son, he and girlfriend are off to Paris for a couple of days, so they are pretty happy, although they may be camping in the van!

No I refer to GWE who was without his wheels in what we refer to as "deepest darkest Kansas" all weekend. They have cut back on hours are work so he is not able to work weekends to kill the time. He finds it very quiet down there after Montreal (well in between dodging the tornados and gun toting locals) and feels quite trapped.

When he works away, he is quite happy to work long days and weekends because he is away from home and time lies heavy on his hands. In his type of work this is the unwritten agreement between employer and contractor, I am away from home to earn money so I want to work lots of hours. However, the economic crunch is biting and everyone is looking to save money, so they are limiting the hours to week days only. He had booked to come home the weekend after next, flying on the Friday thus losing a day's work. He has just discovered it is a long weekend in the US this coming weekend, i.e. another three long days to kill, only three days work and then home.

So he is escaping - driving back over this weekend to spend the week back here, and then driving back to Wichita the following weekend. This means he will be able to pootle around here, at home, in his garden, with his boat, fiddle with his car, watch TV (he hasn't bothered to get that down there), catch up on all his email, on line newspapers, potential work connections (unable to do this at work) and generally kick back for a few days. Let's hope that gives him renewed vigour to face the mid-west again.


menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Aye it is tough times hen. But sometimes for the hard workers a bit of enforced down time is a good thing. Hope you both get well rested and perked up! X

aims said...

At least he is home for a few days SITH. That's good too isn't it?

We have talked about this exact thing in reference to moving to New Orleans. We doubt very much that The Man would find it easy to get a job there no matter what his skill level is. Which is too bad because we really want to live there.

I hope my last comment didn't offend you in any way. I worried about that later of course - you know I didn't mean to offend you.

Kim Chandler said...

MOB - he is home and we intend to have a nice relaxing week.

aims - I don't get upset at much so don't worry and I know your intentions were good :). I noted what you said and I do keep checking that they are happy there, although I must say after their few days in Paris, they do feel that our village is like sleepy hollow!!

The wife of bold said...

There is an award for you over at my blog x

Anonymous said...

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