Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Sun has got his Hat On....

It is a beautiful day, a little brisk, but nice enough to have all my windows and doors open, even though it is now warmer outside than inside - you know one of those days....a hanging out your laundry day.

Everything is coming up at an alarming rate. The magnolias and forsythia are putting on their once a year show. Love these plants but such a shame their true glory is so short lived. 

A bit like spring around here so I plan to make the most of it. Soon it will be too warm, hence the pool is being opened. It was 28 degrees here Saturday and Monday so we are honestly not being premature.

So lots of nice sunny photos.

I know, this needs a bit of weeding but I will wait till all the forget-me-knots have gone over, they are too pretty.

Meanwhile in France, they now have satellite TV. I hope the progress doesn't slow too much because of this :) Son was out today with the electrician buying all the materials and work should commence tomorrow. Son has also dug a trench in order to connect to mains drainage but the plumber can only do that job when it is raining and he cannot be on his other job!! So guess what, the weather has turned gorgeous over there - typical, if we were having the roof done........

France Telecom finally made an appearance only to inform us that apparently they got the address wrong at the beginning of negotiations and it seems we cannot have dial up internet, apparently we are too far from the central station (?). Which seems strange when our neighbours across the street have dial up. What's all this I read about 99% of the Limousin having access to broadband by the end of June?  You watch we will be that 1%.  Son raised this and the guy is going to look into it further and only installed the phone only cabling (!) and we are now waiting with baited breath to actually be turned on. We are praying we can get dial up and that it is all (a further) misunderstanding because to get satellite broadband we have been told will cost 650 euros - if you know different let me know.


aims said...

Oh SITH! Forget me nots are my favourite flower! I just love them.

We have been having snow and cold weather - truly horrendous at this time of the year and everyone here is just down in the dumps with the long long winter.

The pool is gorgeous! I'm soooo jealous. You know I'm a water baby!

Fingers crossed on the France internet. Everything is so different from Canada isn't it?

Maggie May said...

I also have forget me nots springing up everywhere. They are faithful friends & no matter how often you tear them up, they reappear next year.
Your garden looks good!
Nothing like washing out in the open is there? So fresh!
Glad all is well in France. Hope having a satellite disc will not slow things down. You know what men are like for constant watching of sport! Women never do this!


650 euros flip me i dont think ill be getting the internet on anyway soon
Your garden is beautiful