Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Footloose and Fancy Free

The wanderers have returned.  Apparently they took a little side trip with their friends, by way of Bordeaux and San Sebastien, they made their way down to Barcelona.  They loved the city.  They have lots of friends there who new all the best (for that read cheap!) haunts and all the best places to see.  It must be nice to be so free. They drove back to the French house on Saturday in monsoon-like conditions and I think it has been pretty wet and miserable since.

They were a little down on Sunday when I spoke to them as the house was chilly from having been left for a week, it was rainy and very quiet in the village, it being Easter Sunday and all, plus they couldn't get anything done until today, when life kind of returns to normal.  

One of the things we did decide is that they will look for a reasonably priced washing machine.  They said they haven't done any washing for THREE weeks, poor things :)  Also we went over the list of chores etc. they can be getting on with.  I looked at the long range weather forecast and it doesn't look promising.  That area had a very dry March and apparently garden fires have been banned, but April seems to be making up for it!

Here however the weather has been more cheerful and I spent my weekend in my garden raking up all the winter debris and cutting back everything (a little late I know but my plants seem to survive despite my ruthless ministrations) and my garden looks a lot more inviting.  It was warm enough to work out there but not quite warm enough to sit out there.  We moved in to this house four years ago this coming weekend and I remember once all the stuff was unloaded we sat on the deck for a few hours soaking up lovely warm sunshine while dispensing with (quite) a few beers - so I am keeping my fingers crossed for similar weather this weekend as I have two open houses and the good weather tends to bring out the buyers.  Having said that it has been known to snow later than this in previous years.  So keep your fingers crossed for us.

I have also started a major de-stuff (that's my terminology).  It was one of my new year's resolutions.  As we are planning a major move in the next 18 months, a downsizing, life changing move, I thought we definitely needed to have a big sort out and get rid of a lot of "stuff".  So I started with my bedroom yesterday and have packed up a box of breakables that will go to France with us as they are precious but I don't actually need around the house at the moment.  So one box down, god alone knows how many more to go.


The Gossamer Woman said...

You're smart to get ready for France now. There is actually not that much time left and you do have to organize a lot. You'll have to say goodbye to a lot of things, or good riddance. It's amazing how you can get your life down to the basics when you really have to.

aims said...

We had a shirt sleeve kind of weekend and woke to a couple inches of snow this morning. It's still a blizzard out there as I type.

I am always so grateful to The Man that he can keep me in the manner to which I've grown accustomed -

I don't have to go outside in it today if I don't want to - and I don't want to.

I agree with Irene - smart to get started on this stuff now. But hard isn't it? (how I wish I was doing the same with New Orleans in mind)

Elizabethd said...

Washing machines are not too highly priced here, depending on the make, and what you want it to do. I would advicse you to spend a bit more and get one with a 'depart differe', a timer which means you can put it on in the cheaper hours of the night. Just a thought!