Thursday, April 23, 2009


Has it been a week? It must be because my zucchini seedlings are three inches tall and need thinning out, there are buds on the trees, some blossom starting to bloom, the baby afghan is complete - so you can see I have been busy, I do have excuses for not blogging more regularly! I mean, how could the blossom bloom or seedlings germinate without my constant vigilance :)

En France things continue apace, we may not have a shower yet, or a toilet that works properly, no mains drainage and very make do kitchen amenities, but ......we will have satellite TV in a week's time. We know our priorities ...sad isn't it. Anyway another major breakthrough is that EDF ( or I should say their representative) actually came to the house this week, he did not DO anything but issues were discussed, questions will be raised and one day we might get the meter updated and moved but we are not holding our breath.

The same with France Telecom, they keep calling to delay the connection. Apparently the wire has been cut and needs to be replaced and once this is done (hopefully 27th) it will take another week to get service connected. Pourquoi?!
I am tempted to send them copies of my phone bills which scarily arrived this (eekk) just to show them what they are missing out on. Phone calls are now on a time limit. We have lists before we call. Next week the electrician comes to re-wire and the beams are to be sandblasted, plumbing might possibly commence.

Also we have seen the evidence at last, girlfriend uploaded some photos to Facebook - boy it does look rudimentary, but I would still rather be there than here. Once I have worked out how to get the photos from Facebook (maybe you cant) I will share them. They have planted seeds and are planning on getting a few chickens but the most exciting thing in their lives at the moment is that they are getting fish and chips from the chip van that travels around the villages. Home Sweet Home!


Elizabethd said...

Fish and chips??? Must be an english entreprise!
What a nuisance that EDF and FT are messing you about like this. Orange (FT)does have some good offers on phone calls at the moment, try their website If you are only there from time to time you might want to investigate the Tempo arrangement with EDF, cheap electricity most of the time, but several days 'red' costs, so you dont put anything on for the red days.

Maggie May said...

So pleased things are going well even if it is a little slow for your liking!
Anyway, surely it won't be long before you can go & see for yourself?

Sally's Chateau said...

Ah yes EDF and French Telecom ...
slugs have invaded my early carrot crop, not amused.

aims said...

It's still snowing out here SITH. Remember last year when I was laughing because you were getting snow and I was in my t-shirt? Arghhh!

I'm still envying you your adventure. I would gladly live in rudimentary habitat if I was living my dream.

It sure sounds different from Canada doesn't it! And so lucky your son and his girlfriend are there to help out. So lucky!