Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ou sont-ils?

Well son and Australian girlfriend seem to have gone walkabout (!).  We haven't heard from them since Saturday.  At that time all was well with the world.  They were reveling the their heat and hot water.  Like every mother I keep telling myself "no news is good news" while, of course, thinking up much worse scenarios.  Probably the most likely is that the phone is lost, has gone back to Austria with their friends or some such idiotic reason.

So instead of more blow by blow accounts of my French house renovation, I am posting a picture of my crochet-in-progress.  I have been taking lessons as I was taught by my left-handed aunt and could never get the hang of it, I think I have it now. This is to be a baby blanket.

After getting a sun tan on the deck Sunday afternoon, we had SNOW for the next two days, but now we are back to more normal spring weather, bright but cool.  Hope the weather is as good where you all are.


Gill - That British Woman said...

that is really pretty, I wish I could crochet. I agree no news is good news......

Gill in Southern Ontario

dND said...

That's a really pretty blanket and I love the wheel design.

I too agree, no news is good news, and time can just fly past here especially as we've had a few days of good weather. Rain forecast for next week so you might hear from them then.


aims said...

I'm not much for crocheting - but knitting I can make anything and understand any pattern or even design one. Crochet? Nope. I get single chain etc. etc. but I just don't have the patience to work with that little hook. My grandmother made the most beautiful table cloths and antimacassars. Go figure. You would think it would pass down...but no.

Well done girl. You'll be having them all over your house now.

Vintage Kitten said...

Im sure they are having such a wonderful time they arent thinking you may be worried (when I think what I put my mother through when I was younger...Gees!) Try not to worry too much.

Love the crochet, I wish I could do it X