Tuesday, March 18, 2008

More than Half Way?

I have a rather big birthday this year, scarily big, a sickeningly high number, I think I can safely say that I am now more than half way to you know where!!
To mark the occasion I am off to France for a week, meeting up with GWE in Paris and driving down to our house not far from Limoges.
I am beginning to get very excited, we have pinned down an artisan to replace the roof and install dormers to make the attic and barn, eventually, habitable. Apparently the builder will start mid-April and as we are there mid-April, it might be presumed that we will see work commence. I know, I know, everything I have read and heard tells me this is very wishful thinking, but I can’t help being optimistic, it’s my nature. Funds have been wired, contracts signed. (This doesn’t make a bit of difference I hear you all muttering under your breath – well keep quiet please, leave me in blissful ignorance!! :)
Visions of wood burning stoves, hot water heaters and plug-in kitchens dance in my head. (Anyone who knows where I can get any of the above items on the cheap, pass it along).
I have emailed friends and family in the U.K. to let them know where we will be and inviting anyone to pop over (I haven’t heard a peep out of anyone so they must all be planning a birthday surprise…….the surprise being that no-one will remember….Duh!!)
Can you see how subtle I am?
One result is that a cousin of GWE’s will be in France that week. We spent my 18th birthday with J and her boyfriend shopping in Richmond. We haven’t seen each other in years, primarily because we live usually anywhere but the U.K. However, the family grapevine has been at work and she also has a property in France, not even an hour away from ours….in the whole of France!! (Over more towards where Debra (Us In France) and Breezy (BreezyBreakBlog) are situated.). So we will get together to compare notes, she is much further down the road of renovation than us….which isn’t saying much, but I looking forward to seeing their place. So four weeks today I will be waking up in France, not in the house but close by.


Milla said...

There's one thing worse than getting to a big birthday, and that's not getting to it. Only way to feel good about it. Or at least that's the kind advice my lucky husband gets to hear all too frequently. Oh, or go to France. What a fab idea! Good for you. Sadly no plug in kitchen ideas, you'll have to find someone useful for that.

softinthehead said...

Thanks Milla - that certainly does put a different spin on it.

aims said...

Girl - the big birthdays...pfffft....I still think I'm 22 and I'm going to go on thinking that even tho I am 30 years past that! I don't care! I love being young!

Your life in France is going to be incredible! And so close to Breezy and Debra...and your relative...how lucky lucky lucky is that?!

You go girl!

(but who's going to keep me informed of all the snow in southern Ontario once you move?)

softinthehead said...

Aims - what does one need to know about snow in Southern Ontario except that is still bloody here!!! When I eventually get to live in France (which hopefully is in two + years), I will enjoy letting you know how mild it is and how I am on my patio/deck in my t-shirt in March!! :)

travelling, but not in love said...

Hey, how exciting. The weather in my part of france is, well, cold at the moment but it holds the promise of something much better around the corner.

I woke up this morning to beautiful blue skies and bright, bright sun. So spring is not far away.

Now I'm at the airport heading to the snow of Montreal though, so we obviously all crave the weather we don't have!

Stinking Billy said...

I came across another escapee to Southern France in a blog the other day but I have forgotten who? Her husband is ex and her children (aged 16 to 25?)are continuing their education in England, so she is on her own.

She has 27 acres of neglected farmland to tackle, plus a wreck of a farmhouse, temporarily rigged up with a lethal-sounding electrical supply and, all in all, she is in one helluva hole.

What is it about France that would tempt any Englishwoman into such a mess?

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

That sounds fantastic. I can think of no better way to celebrate a big birthday. Congratulations,by the way.

softinthehead said...

TBNIL - have fun in Montreal, still lots of snow I believe, they are colder than here where it is beginning to melt (at last!).
SB - I know the lady to whom you refer. It is dnd over at From Here To Eternity - gotta admire her!
Wakeup - thanks I am really looking forward to France not sure about the birthday!

Stinking Billy said...

P.S. I just found her again in the comments section of aims. She writes under 'dnd'.

Expatmum said...

I think you're very brave doing a big build at such a distance. I've done three (one about 1000 miles away) and nearly had a nervous breakdown every time! I always say "Never again" too.

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Hi Sith, sorry it's been so long - your French place looks and sounds wonderful. Hope your Birthday will be good - there's only one way, and that's to celebrate. Enjoy it!
Margot xx. PS I'm going to be in France mid-April too - probably near Toulouse staying with a friend.

Mean Mom said...

You have a lot to look forward to, at the moment. Sounds great! I won't be in France this year. In fact, with student son to educate, we'll be lucky to get to Cornwall for a long weekend, which is just about all we are aiming for, at the moment! Don't you worry about me, though. You just go off and have a good time!

softinthehead said...

Expatmum - we're crazy - what else?? At least there is no urgency as we don't plan to be living there at least a couple of years. The hardest thing is find people to do the work at a distance, luckily we have made some great contacts who are helping us out.
Margot - thanks for the good wishes, I expect you are excited about your trip too, fingers crossed we both get the nice weather our friends in France keep alluring to.
Mean Mom - I know what you mean about kids to educate, just one left for us - this one might actually get to uni - no pressure tho!

dND said...

Hi there.

I do hope your renovations go well. I did worry about mine but my guy was great. Turned up on the day - he said any time from 8:30 but usually turned up 9-9:30. That said he worked to gone 7pm each day and only took about 3/4 - 1 hr lunch. I'm really pleased with what he's done too, I can finally see progress :-D Who know, by the weekend I might even have hot water too as he brought along his plumber friend to install the hot water tank for me.

As for birthdays, you're really only as old as you want to be (although some days my body refused to believe that). I do hope you have a wonderful day.

Maggie May said...

Well happy Birthday & you lucky thing gadding off to France!
Don't worry about the actual number of your Birthday. These days you can be anything you want! I am 35 this week! Cos that is as old as I feel today! Must have had a good night's sleep or taken too many vitamins!

Breezy said...

Hi SITH we'll be going home round that time too as you know. I can't wait and I bet you can't either! Let's hope this summer is altogether better than last. Certainly perfect from mid April onwards

Carolyn said...

Waaaaaaaa. It seems everyone is going to France except me. I'm so jealous. My mom, brother and sister-in-law are heading there in a few weeks. I have anoher friend heading there on Sunday and one more who is there right now.

Have a wonderful time and good luck with the renovations. I will be here in beautiful Vancouver where the nothing smells and tastes as good as it does in France.

Oh. Happy big Birthday this year too.