Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Incognito or Invisible?

Once again another blogger Rotten Correspondent has been my inspiration for today's post. RC is celebrating her bloggaversary this week by looking back at why she started blogging etc. As I have said before I started just because I found a couple to read because they were living in France and, as you must all be aware by now, that's what I want to do and the sooner the better.
It started with a few anonymous comments here and there and then I became braver and launched my blog. I say brave.... it is still anonymous of course. I hide behind my nom de plume (!) because strangely I feel braver that way. A couple of times I have almost let the cat out of the bag to friends and family but stopped myself just in time.
Usually I nearly let slip because I just want to share all the fabulous blogs I have found, the great sense of humour, the wonderful, compelling writing....but then they might find me....and basically I am just not ready for that yet.
It is a bit of a strange feeling to have this big secret, because unlike a diary or journal, I am actually putting all this stuff, quite boring stuff sometimes (maybe always) out there for anyone else to read should they happen upon my blog but not telling those nearest and dearest to me. I wonder how long I will be able to keep it up, as I have never been particularly good at secrets.
If you knew how long it took me to get the black shadow to pose........ yes I know I need a life, hobby....what?


The Rotten Correspondent said...

Most of the people I know have no idea that I blog. And I like it that way.

There really is security in anonymity.

Thank goodness!

softinthehead said...

Phew! thanks RC for the comment, I was starting to get paranoid and do a blog about it!! Another blog would be about how the minute I put someone on my blogroll it is the kiss of death and they clam up or close up shop! Glad that hasn't happened with you. Did you ever join the VBC club started by Carolyn?

softinthehead said...

Sorry RC that should be the VSC "verbose storytellers club"!!

aims said...

The black shadow looks a little miffed with his outfit - but cute anyway!

I think you might be in good company with having a secret blog. Sometimes I get really embarrassed by what I have posted - and now that I have blabbed to all who will listen...well I have to live with it.

On the other hand - the comments I get from people who know me are nice to hear. I only have one friend who keeps saying 'Why are you telling everyone this stuff? Are you crazy?'

It's water off my back...I find that people knowing and the comments help me to write. And every writer knows just how hard that is to do. Especially with the laundry, housecleaning, cooking? and all the other stuff that comes with life, interferring or distracting you from putting letters down on a page.

So - go on and tell them. Let them be proud of you too! You deserve it SITH - and I'm not just being 'nice' like most bloggers are. If I thought your words or your blog was crap - I wouldn't be here. I've got writing to do!

softinthehead said...

LOL Thanks Aims for telling it like it is - please give me a heads up when it is crap - or just slink away and I will get the message :)

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

I still haven't told my husband about my blog or very many others either. It's my dirty, little secret. But I feel I reveal so much in my blog that many who read me know me better than those who know me in real life. Funny, that. Anyway, congratulations on the anniversary. I love the picture.

dND said...

happy anniversary too.

I started my blog to let friends and family know what I was up to but I actually find it very therapeutic to write.

I think it will change as time goes by too, maybe I will get braver in voicing my opinions but I still have issues with dealing with controversy.

Suburbia said...

I love my secret ( to the real world) blog! Husband and children have sussed it which is a shame (no privicy in this house) but I'm hoping they'll lose interest in time and I cam tell all!!!
PS enjoyed reading your blog.

softinthehead said...

Wakeup and dnd - its not my anniversary but
Rotten Correspondent's. I am a fairly new blogger, only starting last November. But thanks for your comments

Suburbia - welcome, come again.

Carolyn said...

My family knows I blog, but don't care. How sad it that? My mom is super curious about it, but she's the one person I've asked not to read it. Hard to explain, but I feel I'd censor myself more if I knew she was reading it. I know my brother reads from time to time (and probably reports back to my mom). My husband never does but I wish he would. I've told some friends, but not others and I try to analyze why I don't want certain people to know. I guess I avoid telling people who I think might judge me.

And, like Aims, I often get embarrassed by the stuff I've posted. (Often right after I hit publish!) Especially after a neurotic rant like I unloaded today. Sometimes I want to just hit delete!!

That's probably more info than you wanted... thanks for the thought-provoking post.

Maggie May said...

This could have been MY POST, it really could. I hope I am never tracked down!
Only my closest family know ..... I would not tell my best friend what I tell you! I can be braver in my blog than in my real life!
It's great but time consuming & when people say, "What do you get up to these days?" I must appear so very boring with my, "OH, nothing much" and I'm bursting to tell them!

Mean Mom said...

'You should read my blog' I laughed, a couple of weeks ago, when I was out with some friends. You could have heard a pin drop. It is so out of character for me to speak without thinking! They tried to wheedle some answers out of me, and I felt threatened. I came home and I had my cursor over the 'delete your blog' button, but in the end, I just altered a few bits, hoping to go deeper under cover. I'm a bit jittery. I would only need to let slip the name of a blog I like to read, and I could easily be found. Hang on, I could stretch this into a post!

softinthehead said...

See what I mean?! We're all a little paranoid! Thanks for all your comments :) It's the wanting to share all the great stuff that is the hardest about being under cover - keep it up everyone.

katy said...

keep it as it is, i unfortunately told someone in my family and regretted it ever since.
great photo of the dog incognito!

Breezy said...

The pic was well worth the time to pose it looks great