Friday, November 23, 2007

What a Scene!

It's view like this that caused us to fall in love with the part of France where we have decided to buy some property. I had to post this photo, I just love it, it is a view from the B & B where we stayed for a couple of days last week. A great spot, very comfortable, wonderful hospitality, close to our village. One of these days when I have worked out how to include a link, I will. It is tough getting back to reality here in Canada with memories like this. As you can imagine, we are itching to get started on our project, but some bureaucracy to go through first. We want to put some dormers in the roof, so that we can convert the attic of the house and the barn into bedrooms. Apparently, this can take a little while, so we are keen to get that underway as soon as possible. Also all the good artisans are booked up for months, so we need to pin one down now although he probably will not be able to commence work until next summer. Looks like we might be camping for our hols next summer, maybe even the one after!

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