Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Legally described as "habitable"

Well the deed in done. We are now the proud (crazy, foolish, impetuous!) owners of a little bit of France that they laughingly call habitable. We have bought property consisting on one "habitable" house, a barn and a ruin! on an acre of land just north of Magnac Laval in Limousin. The adventure all began back in January when my husband jokingly sent me a link to a wonderful looking chateau somewhere near Clermont Ferand (?) and before you know it we were off surfing around the property agents websites looking at all sorts.
Having visited the Limousin a few years ago when France experienced an incredibly hot summer, we already knew we loved the area, reminiscent of the England back in the 50's - no traffic, rolling countryside, friendly easy going people and ....peace and quiet - no noise pollution, living here in the suburbs of Toronto that is just unheard of (excuse the pun!). So it was decided, we would go to France for our summer vacation and buy somewhere! And that is what we have done. As this is my first ever blog I am hoping there will be a picture along with this - fingers crossed.


Breezy said...

Way to go! I can just imagine exactly how "habitable" it is. Post more photos!

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

God, you guys are doing something my husband and I talk about from time to time - moving to France and living there. I believe that we will do, fate permitting. You write with such an easy and lovely manner to follow and I am looking forward to hearing more. I will add you as a link as I am curious as to how things will progress for you. Good luck and thanks for visiting mt blog. You were very genrous with your comments.

softinthehead said...

Breezy and MOB - thanks for your encouragement - as I said this is a very long term project so progress will be painfully slow...I hope you will be able to stick with the pace!

La Ferme de Sourrou said...

Hi there, I've just read your comments on my blog - thanks !

I wish you well with your project, and just remember "Everything always takes longer than you think it will." - especially in France. :-)


softinthehead said...

Irene - thanks for dropping in

Calgarycanuck said...

Le Vieux Moulin de Fev is for sale - I wondered what you think of it and the location (just North of the town of Magnac Laval)?

We had trouble figuring things out from Google Earth!