Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I have been eagerly reading Breezy's and Sally's Chateau blogs for several months now, what I like to think of as the Corrie and To the Manor Born of living in France blog's - meant in the fondest possible way - and I will let you decide which is which! All in my search of vicarious living in France. However, I have now branched out - obviously a little slow on the uptake - but have ventured over to MOB and the mean mom etc. etc. and I 'm hooked - hence the title.

However, as I want to keep everyone on tenterhooks with our renovation project in Limousin I have attached another couple of photos to show what two and a half days with two pairs of shears, a couple of rakes and a saw can achieve - you can almost see what we fell in love with. I know - you're thinking we have very thick rose coloured glasses.


belle said...

Goodness me, what an amazing project! That's going to keep you occupied for a while ;o) Lovely to see you on my blog, thanks for visiting.

softinthehead said...

Yes amazing - that's a good word - I have trouble believing it myself, hence my blog name

Breezy said...

Well obviously we are To The Manor Born (NOT! even the chickens pretend they live next door)What a difference all that hacking has made a bit like my new hair cut really. Didn't need a saw for that though (quite)