Thursday, November 22, 2007

Mental Olympics

I don't know if its jet lag, age, hormones or what, but I cannot seem to stay asleep for more that 5 - 6 hours these days. When I do surface from sleep, my brain starts what I think of as the mental olympics, I think it is probably the decathlon - you know, a quick sprint over there, the mental hurdles, the long jump (how did I get from there to here?) - it is truly exhausting yet not sleepmaking. I've always had a problem focusing - I don't have a problem relocating my entire family from one continent to another, no problem - however, seeing weightwatchers to a successful finish, utilising a gym membership - those I'm not so good at. So here I am a new real estate agent with my first listing, it is very exciting and daunting. These lovely people have entrusted me with their home to sell, and, bless them, they want to buy a property through me as well- great! Trouble is, as usual, that is not my entire focus, but it should be. No, I have one or two other things to contend with, as my hubby (who I will call the Great Wage Earner - because I know that is how he thinks of himself - and bless him, he has always been great at it, and much appreciated by me) has upsticks off to Europe for work, leaving me here in sole charge of our fifteen year old son, one large stupid dog, the family home, a rental property in a town one and half hours away, the company bookkeeping, the family budget, selling the car (now surplus to requirements) and nurturing my new career. God, I'm surprised I have 5 or 6 hours to sleep! Maybe Superwomen would have been a better blog name, however that might suggest I have a handle on everything, but truthfully I think softinthehead is probably more apt at the moment. I got into the real estate business just this year after years of thinking "I could do that" - "I think I would be good at that", I mean, in our thirty year marriage (which we secretly think works becase the GWE has spent a good deal of it elsewhere!), we have bought and sold 14 houses in places such as the U.K., U.S., Canada and now France - piece of cake. So I took the plunge and signed up for the courses, did fairly respectably - there was a momentary wobble just as I was about to give in my notice at my nice, safe, wage earning job, I mean, from now on it would be totally up to me, I could not blame anyone else, i.e. the boss, colleagues etc. if it did not work out. But GWE said go for it, so I did and almost three months in, I have a listing, very gratifying, of course now I have to sell it - I will keep you posted. I hope this hasn't been as exhausting to read as it has been to write, but I can see this blogging is going to be very cathartic. I can now happily start on my first list of the day, because boy I need lists, post-its, my daytimer (with highlighted entries of lists.....) I hope I haven't scared everyone off.

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Breezy said...

I'll have some of what you're on I couldn't manage half of that stuff