Saturday, June 7, 2008

She's Baaaack!!

I don't know how she slipped back in, but this manic women is back - life is a whirl. OK there are no babies to juggle, but even so my life has suddenly gone into overdrive. GWE is back on his feet (yes both of them!) and has taken himself back over to Europe. It was interesting actually because we have always been saying "if only he could do what he does from home". As it is he stares at a computer all day, it is not as though he is in meetings with colleagues etc. all the time. Anyway when he wasn't agile enough to get back on the plane to return to work last Sunday, he called in on the Monday to let them know he wouldn't be back for a few days and just as an aside he womdered if there was anything he could do from here........? Well straightaway they sent him some tasks and he spent the next few days at his computer ....but here in Canada! He felt much better because he wasn't losing paid hours and the light has dawned ...maybe he can wangle it so that he works from home, or at least can spend equal amounts of time here and there. So he has taken himself back off there to see what he can work out.

The whole time he was here, as I said, I was on a course, business has gone crazy, (sold two houses in the last week!) and have clients banging my door down to be taken out to view properties. It has been very hectic, very stressful, very exhausting...last Friday, as I collapsed in a heap on my return from a successful deal, I said (very quietly I promise) "don't anyone call me to go out looking at houses!!. I cannot believe I said it but I did. One thing I have promised myself is never to do a course again in the busiest time of year in real estate and when GWE is home. Wait a minute, that contradicts our future plans of him working at home, I will have to give this more thought when my brain cells have rejuvenated.


aims said...

Oh man! This is great news! Selling 2 houses in one week?! Girl - you're knocking them dead!

I sure hope GWE gets something worked out where he can work at home. I always think that is the best thing - although when The Man has done that he won't even let me into his office until proper breaks or lunch time! Then when quitting time comes around he yells - "Honey - I'm home!" ....grrrrrrr

Carolyn said...

Wow. I need some Vodka. Your life sounds exhausting. Hang in there. And maybe I shouldn't even ask... but how are the wedding plans coming along? Congrats on the sales. You kick butt!!

ric said...