Monday, June 9, 2008

Is it Barbie....or is it The Joker??

It must have been my eighth Christmas, we had just returned to the UK from three years in Germany, where we lived on a joint U.S./British airforce base. While there we had made good friends with an American family, and thus for my Christmas present they had sent me a Barbie doll. I remembered it arrived in a catalogue box (for those of you who don't remember catalogues, i.e. Grattons etc. - your order used to quite often arrive in a large fairly flat box). That is how Barbie entered my life for the first time, along with an extensive wardrobe. I was smitten. She was so glamourous, knocked socks of Sindy (Cindy?). Her pert nose, long glamourous hair (which incidentally was only stitched around the circumference of her scalp. I remember this particularly because I made the mistake of undoing her hair from some impossibly glamourous style which I spent the next 5 or so years of my life trying to re-create!!), hourglass figure to die for, I mean talk about top heavy. She loomed large in my life for a long time - sad eh!

Anyway she has turned up in my life again, this time as a fellow student in the real estate course I am doing. She came in late the first day and plopped herself down next to me. She has religiously arrived late every day since, but when you look like Barbie I guess you can get away with that stuff.

There she was, real life Barbie, sat right next to me. Now when I say "real life" I am using some license here because I honestly don't think "Barbie" was born this way. Science has worked wonders on her and I am fascinated to know what is real and what isn't. Her profile is so weird, I would definitely want my money back if I was her. The cheek bones are amazing. But unfortunately when she smiles, she looks a bit like the Joker, one of Batman's arch enemies. Nothing moves above the lip line. The boobs have got to be fake. I thimk I could probably get my hands around her throat .....whoops waist!!

It goes without saying that she can't move an inch without every male eye on the room twitching. Men are sooo

Anyway I just couldn't concentrate on the course, I had to move seats because I spent the entire first day sneaking glances, looking for clues.....

Carolyn - I just realised this completely goes against the sentiment of your post today....LOL


aims said...

OOh! I love an enigma!

Perhaps you could get a class photo and then post it for all of us dying to know what this babe looks like?

How much do you think it cost her to look this way?

How many houses do you think she'll sell (to men) because of the way she looks?!

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

You are just like me. I always observe others and make comments (to myself) about them. And I've met a Barbie or two in my day. I'm glad to hear the real estate market is doing so well in your neck of the woods. My stepmother in Florida hasn't sold a house in over a year.

Maggie May said...

Wow a real life Barbie! We have dozens of the plastic variety in various stages of undress, lying around our house.
Pity you couldn't have sneaked a photo of the "Real" one as she sounds fascinating!
Glaf I'm not a living Barbie though!

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Glad to see you back - you were missed. So she has a pair of Tupperwear tits? Hope she got her money's worth. I always think that it must be a dreadful site to see a woman of 80 with boobs of plastic in a wrinly old body. It will happen as this generation ages and doctors will be faced with such a situation! Yuk!

Dylan said...

Now now, I'm sure she's got a lovely personality, and does an awful lot of good work for charity...

Found your blog via Almost your writing!


wannaberealestategoddess said...

BTW this is me - softie - just logged in under my alter ego!!!

aims - missed my opportunity to be papparazzi to Barbie, she must be used to it...she is not in class this week!
wakeup - sorry to hear about your MIL, here the market has quietened down slightly but nothing like the US.
Maggie - many Barbies sounds sooo decadent!
MOB - thanks for putting that picture in my head ...and for missing me :)
dylan - thanks for dropping by, I will have to repay the compliment.

Now off to do some homework, exam on Thursday ..eeek!

Carolyn said...

Too funny. I read this a while ago, but didn't have time to comment. Don't worry about "going against the sentiment of my post". Girls like that are just asking to be talked about. LOL.

Anonymous said...

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