Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's Almost Over!

Today is exam day and then I can get my life back. So fingers crossed for a good result and then I wont have to worry about it until the next course I have to take. I am in my articling period as a real estate agent and therefore there are two more courses before I am done. I plan to take those in the quieter periods in the housing market so possibly just prior to Christmas and then next February. It has been a very exhausting, though not unprofitable three weeks, but I don't want to do it again for a while.
I am hoping that I can spend tomorrow in my garden, there is some serious weeding to be done. That ground elder is getting the better of almost everything. Some plants need to be moved around. So fingers crossed everyone for a good result, a dry but not too hot day in my garden, and that my clients allow me a day off.


dND said...

Good luck SITH but I'm sure you will do well.

When do you get the results, is it quickly or do they keep you hanging around for ages?

aims said...

Hey - it snowed in the foothills this week - so don't feel so bad. Take the heat any time you can get it.

softinthehead said...

dnd - it could be anywhere from one to three weeks. But it is over, that's all I care about at the moment.
aims - yuk - no I don't envy you that. Eldest son who was in Banff is now if Victoria - tough life eh?

Maggie May said...

Hope you do well. You sound as though you worked very hard.
Hope you get out in the garden. Everything seems lush and is growing well here, weeds especially!

Carolyn said...

Some time in the garden will really do you some good. I hope you get the time. And congratulations on all your hard work. It's a real accomplishment to complete such a demanding course load.