Friday, April 20, 2012

Keeping Busy

I am trying to fill my days here in Montreal. I am feeling frustrated at my inability to find a job here. Although I spent a year living in France and felt quite confident in my French there, here in Quebec it is quite intimidating to use one's French when absolutely everyone is bilingual.

I find it hard to judge just how good/bad my French is when as soon as I open my mouth people realise I am not a francophone and they immediately speak to me in English. However in the job market it is a necessity that you have a good knowledge of French and I do know I couldn't hold down a job in French.

Ho hum, so (to answer aims' question) not sure about Quebec mainly due to this issue.  We came back to Canada rather than other options as we felt I should be able to work here. I have sent out many MANY applications, these days everything is "online" so my resume is floating around out there in the ether and I have heard nothing back.

So in order to keep myself from going mad, I have been refinishing some second hand furniture. I got these two side tables from the thrift store located in my old neighbourhood (where daughter and family now lives) for just over $10 the pair and I have painted them. I am very pleased with the end result. I picked up an old sewing machine table at the side of the road and that is my next project.
They look white - but more of a cream colour
Great detail - just one coat of varnish to finish off
I know I didn't work in France but there was plenty to keep me busy, here I am in a rented house, in the 'burbs' becoming a bored housewife. I have signed up for French classes which start next month. Sorry for the moaning post but that's how I feeling right now. PS: France was gorgeous, weather amazing, time there much too short. Roll on July.


Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

The weather here at the moment is rubbish, after a wonderful March we are getting a lot of rain now, it is chilly and we are also getting the odd hailstorm.
I love those side tables, the shape and legs are gorgeous.
Hope all goes well for you soon. I have French friends who worked in Canada for a bit, they said they struggled as there are so many words that are different there. Take care Diane

aims said...

I know for sure that I wouldn't be able to do what you are doing SITH. I've heard many stories about our Canadian French language as opposed to France French language. We aren't speaking the same language really are we.... :0)

As we all know - if you stop using it - you lose it. I spoke French in Northern Ontario - no problem - mostly. But out here there's very little French and mine is mostly gone.

Anyway - immediately behind me The Man is talking about jobs in different countries. I have stated simply that I will go where he goes. I can sit in another barn in another country and do what I do....

We follow for love don't we. And if we must travel to another place because of it - we do. Our dreams start to meld and we often think the same and if not, underneath we back them up no matter what.

I still think of your dream cottage in France often. I'm so glad you have it. How often I wish I had that dream house in New Orleans as you well know.

There's still a chance - a dream - a love .....a goal.


Breezy said...

I know just what you mean Sith part of the problem I think is not being in your own place at least thats part of my problem :)

Maggie May said...

Oh dear, it is hard to get work at the best of times. Sorry that you are having problems because you think its due to having an English accent when speaking in French.
I think you must have an excellent knowledge of French by now. keep trying. Hope the problem can be resolved.
Maggie X

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