Sunday, December 14, 2008

Where has she been and what has she been up to...?

Yes I am sure this has been keeping you all on the edge of your seats.  Well ...nowhere and not a lot is the truly boring answer.  Started the new job this week and it sounds like it is going to be one round of pot lucks and dinners out for the next little you can see a tough job but somebody has to do it right?  Apart from that, it is just the usual clerical stuff, nothing I can't handle, in fact could do in my sleep, I have been at this for far too long.   

Also making good inroads on the Christmas list, went to the One of the Kind Show in Toronto last weekend with my daughter (oh I did go somewhere!) and that gave us plenty of food for thought...and actually some food as we both decided on some gourmet marinades and stuff for a couple of people on our lists who are really hard to buy for.  There were a lot of jewellery,  pottery and clothing stalls.  However it was quite expensive, plus shopping together made it hard to buy anything for each other!!  Some of the knitting items were interesting and I am convinced there is one item in particular (a kind of wrap/shawl thingy) that I can make myself and once I finish the cardigan I am knitting (for me!), that is next on the list.

Anyway wandering around the show with my daughter gave me an idea and yesterday I set off into the countryside to a lovely pottery store in Troy ( to buy daughter some pottery mugs.  The store was a treasure trove and I spent a good half hour drooling over stuff, while waiting to meet a friend.  I was very strong and only bought for other people. Next Friday however they are doing 30% off some lovely pasta jars and so I am headed back there.
My haul from the pottery shop was four mugs, two pasta tossers (?) and a little tea bag/spoon rest shaped like a teapot. I thought the pasta utensils were neat, I have never seen those before and they are to be added to the gourmet food gift for my dad.
My friend duly arrived but unfortunately the coffee shop attached to the pottery was closed so we headed back to her house for coffee.  When I left her house after a lovely chat catching up with our news, I pulled off the highway to get gas and was rear-ended!!  What a bummer!  It ruined my morning as you can imagine, matey just was not paying attention.  The traffic ahead was stopped at the lights, as was I, and he just ran into me.  Anyway not too much damage, just cracked paint on the bumper/fender I think.  So that put paid to the rest of my planned Christmas shopping as I just wanted to go home then.  It is more the hassle of having to get the work done (just as I have a nice new job I have to be at everyday!!), GWE is taking that car with  him when he goes to the Wichita in the new year (more news on that later) but also this morning (Sunday) I have to go to the police station (back in the city where the accident took place) to file a report.

So my planned day of baking has now turned into another day of Christmas shopping - and I intend to complete the list today....this is my mission, and if possible find a turkey.

So now you can all relax, everything is alright with the world.  SITH is back in the land of blogging, Christmas is coming, the economy is in the cra*per.....ya di ya ....


Maggie May said...

Glad that you are OK.
I like the mugs and I have never come across the pasta tossers before. Please enlarge on that next time you write.
I bought, on impulse, a long shawl that I drape round my body when the heating is off at home. (I cannot afford to have it on all the time!) Anyway, this is the most useful thing that I have come across for a long time (was very cheap) & it is so cosy inside. I am going to crochet a blanket to put round my legs when I am reading & blogging. Blimey...... I sound like a real grannie now! LOL

Stinking Billy said...

sith, Yep, not much wrong with your life, dear girl, and long may it continue. x

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

There's a pottery shop in Woburn at the safari park grounds. I love it as they make all kinds of pottery ware in front of you. I haven't been there in years and your post has made me want to pop back down there for Christmas presents because they are lovely and unique. Enjoy your festive season. X