Friday, May 9, 2008


I have finally made it into my garden, finally got dirt under my nails and ingrained in my hands. Summer must be on its way. It is a little cool today but that makes for great gardening weather. I had been looking at those empty pots for too long and everything in the beds was coming on too fast and I had to rescue some fledging shoots from the bully of the garden. I am not sure what it is called and I do like it, a green and white variegated ground cover, it certainly brightens up the garden but it wont stay where I put it - likes to take over the entire bed. Anyway I have been out there and done a bit of taming, the pots have been potted, just the pool to clean up now and the pool service is due later today. 

My daughter is off to a wedding this afternoon, a beautiful day for it - and I expect she will be taking notes as to what she thinks is and is not a waste of money. She has been comparing notes with other already married friends, things like is it worth spending the $4000 for the midnight buffet. She asked her friend, I mean she was at the wedding but can't even remember it, are most of the guests gone or too drunk by midnight to care? Questions like that!!
Tomorrow her and I are spending the day together. Niagara on the Lake a very pretty town near Niagara Falls holds a B & B open house tour and she has bought tickets for us as a Mother's Day gift. She bought these before the engagement and looming wedding - I'm not sure we would have spent a whole day on something like this if we had known of the proximity of the wedding. 

The engaged couple have decided on the venue, it is in a vineyard near the Niagara escarpment, we all went out to check it out on Wednesday. It was p**sing it down and the vines were just sticks and it was spectacular, so come a hopefully dry day in September it should be beautiful. That's a big chunk of change right there, in fact the biggest chunk of the whole event. Next weekend the search for the dress commences. Now that sounds like fun!!


aims said...

Hey!! Mother's day is your day so just enjoy it with your daughter and what she planned - before - the wedding thing.

And you have a pool?!!! OMG!! Can I come over?!

Carolyn said...

Ohhhh Ahhhhh! I just love the looks of your garden. Especially the lovely statue. Just beautiful. Take a picture of the green and white variegated ground cover and send it to me. My mom knows almost every plant known to man and would surely be able to identify it (did I mention I grew up in Ontario - so she'll even know the stuff from around your way).

As for your daughter's wedding. How incredibly exciting. The vineyard looks like a positively idylic place to have a wedding. Beautiful choice. I know you weren't asking for advice, but I can't help myself. Balazs and I had a very small wedding with relatively little expense. My mom and I made my dress and we did almost all the cooking. The reception was in my mom's living room. It was an incredible day that I'll never forget. I've helped many friends plan weddings and the only advice I ever give is to spend more money on the photographer. Our photographer was just so-so and lost some of our negatives. It was a huge disappointment that we don't have better photos of that day. Luckily we have a handful of great ones, but I wish I had more. So this is the only advice I would give. We don't remember what we ate and million other details, but I do look at the photos from time-to-time and wish they were better...

Anyway, enjoy your day with your daughter. And Happy Mother's Day!

softinthehead said...

Aims - anytime and although today was a gorgeous day 20 degrees, I don't think we will be swimming for a while as we don't heat it.
Carolyn - Happy Mother's Day to you too. Thanks for the advice, photographer is one of the next things on the list, I will bear in mind what you say and pass the advice along. PS: I will take a photo of the "bully".

Carolyn said...

Okay. Sorry. Her name is Meredith Phillips. She was a contestant on The Bachelor, and then when he didn't pick her she was The Bachelorette. Looks like nobody watches that show but me... (should I be embarassed?)

Apparently she has a cookbook out now. Check out her web site here.

softinthehead said...

Carolyn I have never seen those shows, so I have no idea why she looks so familiar but thanks for the info. I guess from the popularity of those shows you are no watching them alone so don't be embarrassed, my reality shows have to relate to property and I will then watch anything! :)

Debra in France said...

Hi SITH. Your garden looks gorgeous, you have obviously worked hard on it and know what you are doing.

I have to agree with Carolyn on the wedding photographer. We paid for our wedding ourselves, and could either afford a photographer or an 8 piece blues band for the evening. We went for the band and neither of us like discos, and we had loads of friends who were 'into photography'. I don't regret having the band at all, but I would have loved some really good photos of us and our families.

The cost of wedding these days is scary. Ours was done on a shoestring but really didn't feel like it on the day as everyone had a good time.