Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Good Day

Yup, today was a good day.  First I hung my laundry outside, so I knew it had the makings of a good day.  (First time this year - just making a note for future reference).
Agents' Open House on my current listing and lots of good feedback from my colleagues.
Lunch on my friends to celebrate the upcoming event know the one!
Got another listing, all set to start the day after I get back from my hols ...result!  I had been stressing over that one a bit in case they insisted it started before I went away, it would have been a little rushed.
Now if the right buyer will come along and snap up my current listing, that would be a great birthday present.
Blog of Distinction award from Maggie May (see sidebar) - thanks Maggie, I will pass it on.
Leftover curry for dinner.  Curry is always better on the second sitting and you've gotta love leftovers.  
Telly is not too good on a Thursday night, so probably an early night with a good book. Like I said a good day.


Mean Mom said...

I dried my washing outside today, too. Had to fetch it in a bit early this afternoon, though, as the sky became very dark.

I can see that you expect to be in France next week, so you must be due to leave within the next few days. Oooh! Exciting! Glad your job is going well.

Swearing Mother said...

I too had leftover curry for dinner, bloody gorgeous. After the week I've had it was accompanied by several gin and tonics.


dND said...

Glad it's all falling together - who knows you might be lucky like me. I had just signed for the house here when I got a call from my agent to say someone had made an offer on my house in the UK. I do hope it happens soon, being in limbo is so stressful

The Lehners in France said...

hi sith, glad your doing well and congrats on the awards. I was reading a real estate listing of a house in Villeneuve about 20km from here last night. It said "superb climate for horses. Grass all year round and not due to rainfall, but the heavy morning dews." Well it bucketed down here last night 3" of rain. Oh to live in a micro climate! Curry 2nd time round, THE BEST!

aims said...

I hear it is suppose to go to 19C here this weekend - so there!!

Actually we don't have any snow left at all on our lawn. But - it has hailed or snowed every day this week for short periods of time. By the looks of the clouds it always looks like rain - but instead it is white!

I also hear that Calgary got one foot overnight on Wednesday!! Luckily I don't live in Calgary!


softinthehead said...

OMG one foot - yuk! OK you got me it is supposed to be raining all weekend, but wish me good weather in France next week, I leave Sunday evening :)

Sweet Irene said...

Some days just go smoothly all by themselves, as if there are no hitches in life for them to get caught up on. It seems you had one of those. Good for you!