Monday, February 11, 2008

Blink and it's Monday again!

Friends arrived safely (again suitably impressed with bathroom). We decided to drop them off at the mall while we went through the offer process on the house. We received an acceptable offer, so that is one thing off our list and hopefully some money for our next project.
My friend, queen of the big spenders, managed to come back after 3 hours at the mall with about 4 full bags and a receipt from Gaps for Kids as long as my arm. She also spent $40 + in the Dollar store where everything is literally a $1!! Then it was off to We Will Rock You in downtown Toronto. Friday was a very slushy day and it was a mess, there was no chance of jay walking with 4ft piles of slush along the sidewalks.
We all thoroughly enjoyed the show, it is very clever the way they build a story around all the hits. It was tough to stay in one's seat and not dance and sing but I am tone deaf so GWE kept me on a short rein.
Everyone got away safely yesterday and so now I am busily planning for my trip to NYC. I know it is hard to believe from this gypsy but I have never been. Got dollars burning a hole in my pocket as we speak. We are going to hit Canal Street - apparently that is THE place for bargains, but I also want to hit Bloomingdales, travel the Staten Island Ferry etc. We are only gone for two days so. It is -16 C here today and another storm on the way in the morning so hopefully I will report back safely later in the week.


A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

What fun you are having in the snow/slush! And your bathroom looks very good. Have an Award for you over on my Blog. Regards, Margot.

softinthehead said...

WOW my first award. How exciting! Thank you Margot

aims said...

I have never been to New York - but it is in the plans. Along with a sack full of gold that will be needed to stay there and shop! Have fun!!

softinthehead said...

Aims - it wasn't too expensive, we shared the cost of the hotel and it was in a great location, Canal Street was very "inexpensive"!! It is a must see city, can't believe I waited so long, need to take GWE.