Monday, February 6, 2012

Where in the World....?

....have I been for FIVE months? I living now?

Sorry I haven't been blogging - funny because I thought once I got to France I would have lots to say but I guess I was too busy doing to write about it.

Well it was August when I last posted and just off to visit my family in Canada, to meet the new granddaughter ( who is now 6 months old). I had a lovely time, it was very relaxed, well as relaxed as it can be in a house with a two year old and new baby!

Once I returned it was back to work in the garden, bringing in my harvest and tidying up.

Then I decided to transform the front of the house by taking off all the crepi/cement/gray stuff - a big job requiring a big tool. It took me about four weeks (not non stop as it was very hot) to get it cleaned off and about three weeks to then re-point it. A very rewarding job, I did get pointing injuries but was thrilled with the result. I will post pictures but at the moment am having issues with the internet on my laptop, hubby's which I am using seems fine.

That took me through to about November, meanwhile hubby was at the new job and hating it. So decisions had to be taken. Working in France for him wasn't turning out to the be dream he expected, work for me seemed non-existent. After much soul searching we decided we needed to change something. Hence we are now back in Canada! Yep I know! But this is where a job came up, we can be together all week, we are closer to the children (they are in Ontario we are in Quebec - about 5 hours drive apart) and hopefully life for hubby will be much more fulfilling.

We intend that France will always be our base, and hope to end up there eventually but for now this seems a much better arrangement all round. So here we are, in a rental amongst the piles of snow and sub-zero temperatures whilst our little house in France sits empty for now.

We are planning to go back for a week at the end of March and hope to get back there as often as possible, still getting work done. The main house is pretty much finished, just a few kitchen cabinets to be installed and then Phase 2 can begin.

I will try to post more regularly, especially now I have so much time on my hands, as I wait for a job to materialise. I am keeping my fingers crossed on that front as even after a year in France I am not sure I have enough French for Montreal!


Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

I hope that all goes well for you. I think France is great for retirement, but so many find working here so very difficult. I hope that you can enjoy holidays meanwhile, and look forward to moving back to France later in life. I hope that you have a good neighbour to look after the place. We are snowed in at present! Keep well Diane

Maggie May said...

I must say, I wasn't expecting that.
Sorry to here that France didn't turn out as well, work wise.
Hoping you can compromise the two places.
Maggie X

Nuts in May