Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Yesterday was a bank holiday here, and, not being the busiest estate agent around at the mo, even I got to enjoy. It was amazingly hot for late May, 30+ degrees. Being the good souls that we are we had offered to go over and help son-in-law building his shed to end all sheds. So I let hubby do the building while I helped daughter look after our granddaughter and do a bit of gardening during nap times.

Note shed under construction in the background. Actually to be known as the pool house!

Son-in-law opened the pool (remember this used to be our pool) and I think being open before the end of May is a record, so well done Mike. However, as inviting as it looks, it was leg numbingly cold - believe me, I tested it.

It was a gorgeous day if you could find a bit of shade, which Blaine, their dog, managed to do.

All I can say if this is May in Southern Ontario, I am doubly grateful to be spending a good part of July and August in France.


Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

What a lovely day it was here in the Charente. My thermometer said 30C. The next day 25th Nigel arrived and so did the rain but it was still saying 27C. Diane

Nora said...

We had nice temperatures over the holiday weekend too, but now it is cool again and it rained like mad today. So much for springtime. It will be summer one day. The pool looks very inviting, even though it was very cold. What? No heating?


No pictures of bathroom lol
You are going great guns with your house
Well done
I am sure you are really pleased
It is looking really well

aims said...


I smiled reading about what you called 'a bank holiday'. You are becoming sooooo European!

Out here in western Canada it's still called a 'long weekend'. :0)