Sunday, December 6, 2009


So I bit the bullet and put up the Christmas Tree, mainly because the boxes were cluttering up the living room and it was either do it or store them away and my conscience wouldn't let me store away the Christmas stuff in December! I have even bought and wrapped a few presents. Who knew!! And what do you is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

I took the photo above so you could see the tree in context but I must say I prefer it when it looks like this, with the lights dimmed, much more magical.

From this photo it looks like I put blue baubles all down one side, but that is just the light from the window doing that, all my baubles are silver. Then I have a few touches of red.

Hubby is in France this weekend. He drove over through the channel tunnel with his brother. He has to take the van back regularly to keep the insurance valid, but also of course to check on the house. It is a long drive from the UK so that part I am not looking forward to at Christmas, especially after a transatlantic flight! The end wall has been rendered and made watertight and he is pleased with the results, he has been instructed to take photos so I am sure some will follow. Surprise, surprise a lot of the weeds were back up in the front courtyard, but I guess that was inevitable but he did say the plants we put in in July have come on quite a bit, again photos have been demanded.

He also managed to speak to Steve, one of our many contacts there, regarding the next phase on the inside work, making an opening for the staircase, and renovating the floor/ceiling to the main living room so that we can start the framing for the bedrooms. I doubt much will be done before we arrive in December, in fact I don't really want an opening in the ceiling as hubby says it is pretty cold right now. His brother and him are both sleeping in their clothes. Doesn't that sound appealing, roll on December 26th.


aims said...

How about putting down some newspaper under whatever covering is in the garden. Weeds cannot grow through them. I hear it's the best thing.

Can you take a little ceramic heater with you on the plane? There are some small ones out there that work very well and you might be able to use the universal plugs to get it to work with the voltage there.

Just a thought.

Your tree is very pretty.

We aren't even thinking of Christmas around here. Just about my health which has everyone on edge. much fun!

softinthehead said...

Oh no aims did I miss something? What's up?

We have a wood burning stove and lots of wood but those old houses have thick walls and it takes weeks to warm up but once warm it really retains the heat. Lots of clothes and maybe an electric blanket on the bed might be the answer.

The Green Stone Woman said...

It's a brilliant tree. Too bad you have to leave it behind when you go to France and have to sleep with your clothes on. A wood burning stove should get you warm enough, though.