Thursday, November 19, 2009


Just picked up the keys to the new house so I can finally start moving some of the boxes that are liberally stacked around the home. Daughter and son-in-law have been bringing over their boxes on a daily basis so when it actually comes to their moving day, a week on Saturday, all they will have to move is the furniture. However this does mean my house is getting a bit crowded. For a newly married couple they have an awful lot of "stuff". My basement and garage are currently half full with their belongings.

I am looking forward to getting settled in the next house so that I can finally starting thinking about Christmas, yes I know it is just one month away but I am in denial!! I just don't have the brain cells to spare for that right now. There is also talk of us (hubby and I) heading off to France for a week or so between Christmas and the new year which is very exciting. Not that I think we will achieve much while we are there but we need a regular fix to keep us motivated. There is a little pressure to make some serious progress as daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter are planning a trip over next summer, so somewhere out of all the mess over there we have to come up with some "accommodation". But you know us, we like a challenge.

The lovely Annika seems to have turned the corner and is finally sleeping through the night, and taking good naps during the day, which has quite transformed daughter's life, she now has a gorgeous chatty little girl to look after rather than a screaming tiger cub to tame!! Check out the boxes in the background!
I will report back when I have managed to clear a little floorspace.


aims said...

Progress is indeed being made.

Christmas? Bah!!!!!!

The Green Stone Woman said...

Living with and out of boxes is no fun. I hope you get moved and unpacked quickly. I don't want to think about Christmas. I too am in denial. Good news about Annika. So nice for your daughter.

Frances said...

Hope you get settled soon, moving is definitely not my favourite thing! And a trip to France where you can hopefully have a break will be lovely - something to look forward to!