Saturday, June 13, 2009

So soon...?

I know two blogs in three days, you're getting spoiled.

Anyway I thought it was time for a walk around the garden again, I will miss this garden. It is almost all of my own making....and I have the blisters and bad back as a result. When we moved into the house four years ago, the previous owners who had lived here 23 years had a deck that was more like a fort, only one measly little set of steps down into a field of grass with one or two variegated euonymous and that was it.
We opened up the deck the first roasting summer, temperatures verging on 40 degrees C, I remember we had to move the patio umbrella around the work area to keep the midday sun off, because of course us Brits were out there!! The following year we had the pool installed, it is not a deep pool, just 4.5 feet at its deepest, but as long as I can float around on the air bed, we can sit around it drinking a glass or two with friends, or just look at it, it cools me down on the hottest day. Definitely something we want to repeat en France.

So everything else you see is pretty much the result of a lot of hard work on my part, and I have enjoyed every minute. I find when I am on my hands and knees, up to my elbows in dirt and weeds, these are some of the few times in my day to day life when I am actually right in the moment, it is so calming and relaxing, and of course, rewarding. 

As you might imagine, I am already making my lists of plants for the garden in France and lavender is up there are the top of the list, all varieties, I just love it. A lot of the plants you see are what my gardening mentor in England would call "orphans", off the sad 50% off as I am about to die shelf, or cuttings begged and kindly bequeathed by friends and neighbours, free plants always grow the best, don't you find.

I have a few garden accessories, of course, my stone lady near the lilac, my milk churn on the deck (actually bought by my garden mentor when she came to the wedding last year - we found it in an antique shop and she said I must have it), also I just bought a wrought iron obelisk for a clematis ( which I must remember to whip out next spring to take with me, before the clematis gets going (note to self)) but my favourite and absolutely essential garden accessory is the big soppy black hairy thing below, Ralph.

Click on any of the pictures for a better view.

Also as a footnote, very relieved to report that I passed my Property Law exam, just, 76% and I needed 75% to pass ....phew!! Glad that is behind me. On Monday I start the final requirement of my articling period, I have been told it is one of the harder courses, typical, so wish me luck, I can also see the light at the end of the tunnel.....or wait a minute, I see what it is reward.


Maggie May said...

Congratulations on the exam results.
Was lovely to walk round the garden with you. It all looks very pleasing to the eye.

The Gossamer Woman said...

Your garden is very lovely and it must be hard to leave it behind, but you know you can recreate an even better one in France.

Congratulations on the result of your exam. Well done!

Elizabethd said...

Congratulations on your pass!
Our garden is only 3 years old this year, having been a field previously, but is blooming beautifully.
I expect you know that you need a Permit for an in-ground pool in France?

Debra in France said...

I love your garden, you have put loads of work into it, and result is stunning. Brilliant news on your exam result, well done.

Would love to meet up in July when you are over. Let me know when you are free. Debra xx

softinthehead said...

Thanks everyone for your nice comments and congratulations.

Debra - can you email me and we can see if we can do it, as much as we want it to be a relaxing week I am sure it won't work out that way :)

Stinking Billy said...

sith, I am back in harness, sweetheart, if ever you are feeling lonely? ;-) x

auntiegwen said...

Congratulations on the exam. Your garden is very pretty and I'm sure you will enjoy creating a new one in France.

Bon Chance x

softinthehead said...

Aww Billy great to hear from you again, and that also reminds me I never responded to your email - so sorry life got away from me, obviously not destined for fame and fortune LOL. Are you back blogging?

Auntie - thanks for dropping by and your nice comments

Frances said...

Congrats on your exam result that's great news! Nice to hear you're going to grow lavender in France. I read that two types are grown here in France: lavande fine and lavandin and land devoted to growing it is dwindling due to poor harvests and imports. We've got two lavender bushes and even if it's just growing in your garden it's helping to keep the French tradition of growing lavender alive - albeit in a small way :)

Anonymous said...

Popped over for a vist - congratulations on the exam result and good luck with the next module. And I loooovvve your garden. Lavender is wonderful - I grow some by the washing line so the clothes brush against it. And a pool!! Wow!.

wv is snessh! I think that says it all.

Anonymous said...

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Frances said...

Congratulations on your exam results! Well done. Your garden is gorgeous - and so is Ralph, what a good boy!