Saturday, March 7, 2009

How Time Flies !

I have just noticed that I haven't  blogged for two weeks; I think that might be a record for me but I cannot be bothered to check and that just about sums it up folks.  As we are on the cusp of spring, clocks "springing" forward tonight in fact, the blues of winter have hit me and I cannot get motivated.  This is strange as all the snow has gone, well apart from a few mountains of disgusting grey stuff in the parking lots, so I should be feeling more positive so what's the problem?  

Well first of all it seems we won't get to France now until the summer, what with one thing or another, so I am kind of sulking about that!  Secondly it has become very busy at the temp job as the project they hired me for is in full swing.  When I say "project" I am sure it makes all of you think of something very high tech but basically for the most part it is a lot of sorting of paperwork and stuffing of hundreds of envelopes!  I am in the "not enough hours in the day" mode.

And probably most influential on my mood is the feeling that I really need to get much more serious on the real estate end of things, as the market is warming up a little bit around here, and I am frustrated that I am temping when I should be concentrating on this instead.  Still I know I cannot be in two places as once, so I am full steam ahead at weekends - this weekend doing an open house both Saturday and Sunday.   Last weekend I sat a $750k house and was amazed to have a very busy open house and made some good connections, so hopefully something will come of that.  

So that is where I am at currently, very busy ...but unmotivated... and sulking.  Probably a good thing that GWE is safely away in Wichita until next weekend.  

On the bright side it is supposed to be pretty mild and sunny today so I might be able to get a few minutes outside in my garden. No better pick me up in my books.  Have a great weekend everyone.


Maggie May said...

I think we all deserve a little sulk every now & then. I know I often have one.
Summer will soon be here but don't lets wish away out time as we have all been waiting for Spring! Lets enjoy it!
Hope you soon feel better.

aims said...

And we are having -30C temps and snow and more snow. Typical for here though.

I suggest a movie dear SITH. Gone With The Wind. When was the last time you treated yourself to that?

(have the dvd if you want to borrow it) ;0)

Mean Mom said...

Sorry you're feeling a bit fed up, at the moment. I think that we will all feel a bit better, when the weather warms up a bit. I am staying at my parents' house, at the moment, whilst my father is in hospital and it is cold and windy every day. I would tidy up the garden if it was a bit warmer, but it isn't very welcoming at the moment!